Kimberley Loaiza is a fast growing influencer in the world of fashion and beauty, while also releasing her own original content in the form of images, photos and videos. Whenever she releases a new video tutorial, this usually results in a lot more likes and new followers, which continues to bring her more brand attention and awareness on a daily basis.

This style influencer began her career on YouTube in 2016, and she currently has more than 34.8 million Instagram followers, 63.7 million TikTok followers, 53 millions YouTube subscribers, and 7.4million Twitter fans. These numbers are pretty good, especially for someone that says they aren’t buying authentic Instagram followers to try and grow their reach.

She has over 230 million YouTube views for her song “Crazy,” and is the 11th most-followed user on TikTok. Loaiza was nominated for Icon MIAW, Creator of the Year, and Fandom of the Year.

Who is Kimberley Loaiza?

Born on 12 December 1997, Kimberley Loaiza is a Mexican social media influencer. During her early life, she lived in Mazatlan and Mexicali. Then, she moved to Tijuana, where she now resides with her husband. Her husband was a fellow influencer, and they married in October of 2020. Kimberley Loaiza’s YouTube videos garnered 33 million subscribers, and she has nearly 29 million followers on Instagram.

In 2021, Kim Loaiza confirmed she had undergone cosmetic surgery. In a series of videos, she explained what she went through, and she has been seen regularly with a curvier figure ever since. Despite her surgical procedure, Loaiza has remained a popular social media influencer and has earned significant amounts of money from online appearances and collaborations. Her music videos have been viewed hundreds of millions of times on YouTube, and she has collaborated with other social media stars.

Kimberley Loaiza is a Style Influencer

Kimberley Loaiza is an influencer who shares her stylish and youthful look. She wears the colors and models she likes, while displaying her youthful style. She is 24 years old, but she is not your average influencer! You might recognize her for her fun and colorful fashion posts. But, what makes her stand out from other influencers? Find out why!

Besides her YouTube channel, Kimberley Loaiza is also an influencer on social media. When she appeared on Puerto Rico’s TV screens wearing a low-cut top, she instantly melted social media and made a name for herself in the fashion industry. She is not only beautiful, but also knows how to dominate anyone. This makes her a valuable influencer on social media.

What Social Platforms Does Kimberley Loaiza Use?

One of the most prominent Internet personalities is Kimberley Loaiza. This talented singer and vlogger hails from Mexico and is one of the most popular YouTube personalities. She has almost 26 million subscribers and is the third most popular Spanish-speaking YouTube personality. Loaiza has collaborated with other YouTube personalities and released her own original songs. She has also earned millions of dollars by doing sponsored videos. What social platforms does Kimberley Loaiza use?

Besides being a YouTube sensation, Kimberly Loaiza is a popular influencer on Instagram. She has a clothing line with SHEIN Mexico and often posts sponsored content on Instagram and YouTube. She is engaged to another YouTube sensation, Juan De Dios Pantoja, and they have a daughter together. Despite being so popular, Kimberley Loaiza has yet to reveal her real name. She has only a few social media accounts, but she does use them all.

Kimberley Loaiza on Instagram

If you follow Kimberley Loaiza on Instagram, you have likely seen her cute baby photos and videos from years past. Before she became famous, Loaiza was an adorable little girl. In one photo, she is holding two pigtails while smiling from ear to ear. She poses in front of a bookcase, which was a big hit at the time. The image became an internet sensation, and Kim Loaiza’s fans were elated.

Like other social media stars, Loaiza has a huge following on Instagram. She first posted on the platform in June 2012, and has amassed over four hundred thousand followers. Her photos and videos have been liked by millions of people. Her videos are also popular on YouTube, with more than three million subscribers. In August 2020, Loaiza will surpass the Kardashians as the largest Spanish-speaking YouTuber. Despite the size of her following, she’s still only 21 years old, but she’s already garnering the attention of the social media community.

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If you’re not familiar with Kimberley Loaiza, she’s a YouTube sensation who was once married to Carlos Lopez. Although they remained married until 2018, Loaiza discovered that her husband was unfaithful. After the separation in 2018, the couple announced their reconciliation. However, the couple has since gone their separate ways. Loaiza rose to fame via YouTube and TikTok videos.

While Loaiza gained fame via YouTube, she has also racked up large followings on Instagram and TikTok. Her content revolves around fashion and recreates popular social media trends. She also promotes her music career via various social media platforms, and has over 32 million YouTube subscribers. Her Twitter followers number over 7 million, and she tweets several times per day. Kimberley Loaiza’s popularity extends beyond the realm of fashion and beauty.