Instagram as a social media app brings updates in its features from time to time so that the audience will not get bored and will be engaged with the Instagram app. Before mentioning its features and benefits I want to clear that you might not have access to all the features yet because Instagram has their policies which vary to mobile models and updates. I’ll suggest you to update your Instagram app from play store or apple store to get new and interesting features.

Now let’s see Instagram features and how can we enjoy them!

1.  Tap and Hold Images

This new easy going feature allows you to tap and hold any image you want if it is on the explore page or anyone’s profile. When you tap and hold it you’ll find three options like/unlike picture, comment and send as a message. This feature is doing amazing because it saves your time. You can easily point out your eye catching posts among the bunch of posts.

2.  IGTV videos

The new feature of Instagram introduces a permanent video button at the top of the left grid. This feature increases the chances of your video being seen on the explore page because when you watch any video from this button a next video automatically starts playing sequence wise. In case you don’t want to watch automatic videos or skip one of them you can easily swipe upwards. Moreover, clicking on the video brings two options: share video, or view post so you can easily share video to your friend via direct message.

3.  Top Posts

This is a little bit old feature of Instagram updates but very useful. Top post doesn’t mean the picture or post uploaded right now or attractive pictures making it top post but according to me it all depends upon Instagram likes or post engagement, comments, etc. The more Instagram likes and comments on the post the more it will go on top. For instance, I have posted a post and got 100 likes and 50 comments within 10 minutes on the post so it will be pretty good to make it stand among top posts on Instagram. The hashtag is the main part to bring a post on the top. To viral, your Instagram reels videos use trending Instagram hashtags.

4.  Suggested Users

If you’re an extrovert and you are always looking for some new people to add up with you or to follow some new influencers then this feature is going to be your favorite. You can easily explore new people from suggestions and send them messages or follow them.

Hope all these Instagram features and their benefits will be helpful for you to take advantage of Instagram.