Investing in luxurious spaces to unwind and rejuvenate your body and soul is as important as investing in top-notch healthcare because both improve wellbeing. For example, regularly rejuvenating in a luxury bathroom after a hard day’s work will help to improve your mood, increase energy levels, and improve your sleep in the long run. Therefore, imagine walking into a bathroom that you can immediately unwind in; creating feasts in a dream kitchen surrounded by loved ones; and lastly, simply hanging out in stunning outdoor living areas. If you need ideas for designing a “haven” bathroom, a chef’s dream kitchen, or giving new life to your outdoor living spaces, look no further.

Renovating a new space is exciting, but sometimes you just need a bit of inspiration to get clarity on the final design of your project. Sanipex Group is recognised as a market leader when it comes to designing bathrooms, kitchens and outdoor living areas. They are renowned for their high-quality products, recognised by some of the world’s biggest brands. 

Inspirational Project Examples

Sanipex Group has successfully completed projects at internationally recognised companies – from McDonald’s Saudi Arabia, where they installed robust, hygienic solutions without sacrificing design; to the exceptional extension for the Radisson Blu in the busy capital city of Ireland, Dublin. They offer a variety of aesthetic yet serviceable bespoke solutions suitable for residential and commercial settings in a variety of colours that suit your design specs. Examples of serviceable sectors include hospitality, residential, healthcare, commercial, institutional, entertainment, and bars & restaurants.

Sanipex Group has designed and installed some of the most beautiful and well-known interiors in the world. The luxurious Pik Palace hotel, which just opened in Azerbaijan’s Shahdag ski resort, is a spotless example. Bagnodesign, the best brand from Sanipex Group, was the only company that worked on this project. It has 167 large rooms and suites located in the magnificent Caucasus mountains. This group was in charge of building all of the high-end bathrooms, including those in the guest rooms, presidential suites, private apartments, lobby, spa, and pool areas. All of them were finished to the highest standards and requirements, which made them some of the most beautiful places in the area. 

They were also in charge of the Coach House and The Stables’ modern renovations in Ripon, United Kingdom. This location is a sight to behold and a feast for the eyes where classic meets contemporary.

The Mohammed Bin Rashid Library, the biggest library in the UAE, also has all of its bathroom fixtures and accessories from Sanipex Group. The building’s interior was split into seven thematic sections over a number of levels, and the outside was made to look like a bookstand holding The Holy Quran with lots of small details.

Credible Distinction

The work Sanipex Group does speak for itself, and their galleries have the best examples of the most unique and forward-thinking designs you can imagine. With so many successful projects under their belt, they are internationally known for being one of the best one-stop-shops for custom designs and specialised products. Their team is always available to help with design ideas and deliver work for every industry and space – big and small. They can help beautify and make any indoor or outdoor living space more functional.