Many taxpayers across America have received refund emails. United States have received numerous refund emails from unidentified sources and IDs. There’s a brand new scam online that involves huge tax refunds that have been deposited into the accounts of taxpayers’ banks.

The scammers employ a variety of ways to deceive taxpayers, and also steal their personal information as well as money. Recently, a lot of people received an mail coming from Innovative Refund Solutions that claims taxpayers have a refund which is waiting for confirmation.

Customers who received the refund confirmation email are anxious and are seeking to find out whether the Innovative Refund Solutions is legitimate or a fraud.

What are Innovative Refund Solutions?

Innovative Refund Solutions is a firm that claims to aid taxpayers receive their tax refunds quickly. They say they can assist taxpayers with the process of submitting their tax returns and help manage the tax refund. The company is focused on managing the tax payers’ documentation and aids them in obtaining tax refunds they are entitled to from their tax refunds.

The company has claimed to assist people in recovering and safeguard their assets from 2003. However, upon analyzing our findings, we discovered that the website was established 83 days earlier, on the 6th of October, 2021. Therefore, it appears the business is making false assertions.

Is Innovative Refund Solutions Legit or a Scam?

Before interacting with a company that involves money the majority of people prefer to verify the legitimacy of the company. Innovative Refund Solutions is based in the United States, and tax-payers who qualify need more information to determine the credibility of the business.

  • The portal was registered by the company on October 6, 2021. only 83 days old, therefore, relying on a brand new website such as Innovative Refund Solutions can be dangerous.
  • The domain’s validity is until the 6th of October in 2022.
  • The trust rating of the website is one percent, and this is an alarm.
  • There are some negative reviews about the company, and consumers would like to know whether Innovative Refund Solutions is genuine or a fraud.
  • In the light of numerous reviews and feedback, Innovative Refund Solutions is likely to be a scam and phishing website that has been sending emails to numerous people with the purpose of creating an entrapment.

Based on the above findings We can’t conclude that Innovative Refund Solutions is a legitimate business.

What Customers Have to Say?

After looking online there were a lot of comments on the discussion forums and, based on these feedback, it seems to be a fraud and not genuine.

Many have reported that they send emails to notify taxpayers that they are waiting for their refund. Others said they’re sending refund notification emails to taxpayers who have their mailing addresses. When they receive these emails and notifications They are interested in knowing whether innovative refund Solutions is legitimate or a fraud.

A lot of people believe that the site is a fraud. Therefore, we advise users to conduct a thorough investigation prior to using the services of the website to stay away from possible scams online.


Innovative Refund Solutions claim to be a company that helps individuals recover lost funds. They claim to make the process of reclaiming simpler. However, many of the comments or debates suggest it is an untruth and a fraud.

Based on the analysis and feedback from users We can’t conclude that Innovative Refund Solutions legitimate because it seems to be suspect and could be is a scam and phishing site.