Since eCommerce platforms became popular, the competition started to be tougher. Business owners had to find a way to stand out. While the demand is there, some companies tend to take a significant portion of the pie. The first step to being competitive is by creating an excellent web design. It helps to give potential customers an exciting shopping experience. Some of them want to visit a retail store, but restrictions forced them to go online. Despite that, they still want to enjoy shopping. A quality and well-organized website will make it happen. The help of San Francisco web design experts can make things even better with these strategies that are useful to have a more outstanding web design in 2021. 

  1. Use multidirectional layouts

This strategy allows users to explore the website in any direction. Whether it’s up and down or left to right, it won’t be a problem. Browsing the product details before adding them to the cart becomes easier. The popularity of mobile devices for online shipping paved the way for the rise of this layout. 

  1. Make the the center of attention

Having the menu on center stage is now the norm. When users land on the platform, they can check the menu and visit the specific products and services. There are creative ways to highlight the menu. Using clear fonts and striking colors are among them.

  1. Improve page transitions

Back then, no one really cares about page transition. As long as the user sees the next page, it’s good enough. However, eCommerce platforms revolve around giving people an excellent shopping experience. These subtle changes in animations during the transition are fun. Users love seeing them. They feel more compelled to keep browsing. If not for the products, the animations will give them a reason to stay. 

  1. Inject the product design on the layout

The eCommerce platforms usually include product images. They come from different angles to help potential customers decide. These days, designers take things to the next level. Apart from the inclusion of the product image, they also use prominent features as the background. The design becomes more interesting. It also helps remind the users to buy the products. 

  1. Include filter functions

Some users already know what to buy. They just need more details regarding the choices. For instance, if they already made up their minds about buying sneakers, they need a pair that matches their aesthetics. It should also fall within the price they can afford to pay. Therefore, it helps to use the filter functions. They’re necessary to aid users in finding what they want immediately. The options usually include the price, delivery type, size, color, and brand. It depends on the nature of the products sold. 

  1. Use neutral background colors

Splashy colors are already a popular theme among modern websites. However, some eCommerce platforms still prefer using neutral background colors. The good thing about using them is that they appeal to all audiences. Most people don’t have a strong feeling towards neutral colors, and it helps them stay. Sometimes, splashy colors can turn some people off. 

  1. Use different types of circles

For some weird reason is, circles are a popular shape among modern eCommerce platforms. They are quite appealing because of the edginess. Buttons, images, and frames usually use circles to be more enticing. If used correctly, it can make the platform more fun.

  1. Use high-quality photos and videos

More people are becoming conscious of their purchasing practices. They don’t easily buy products unless they are confident about the decision. Therefore, they take time to scrutinize the products by looking at the pictures and descriptions. Sometimes, a product with poor quality photos can turn them off. Even if it looks good in person, these pictures will force them to look for other options. Invest in a quality camera to take a good picture of the products. It’s the same for videos. They need to be up top quality, so the message is clear and easy to understand.

Figuring out how to make the eCommerce website more exciting and attractive can be a daunting task. The good thing is that there are San Francisco web design experts who can help determine the next steps. They can make the website more exciting. They also understand the trend that will help the eCommerce platform look more interesting. It’s better to allow these experts to design the website than to figure things out from scratch. Again, the competition among eCommerce businesses is tough. It’s better to receive help from people who know better – the professionals.