Your kitchen is an important place in your home. From dawn to dusk, there are endless kitchen chores that keep you busy throughout the day. Whether you are an avid baker, a passionate cook, or a novice trying to whip up something to suffice hunger, your kitchen is the center of activity almost all the time. 

Kitchen refinishing is tedious and involves a lot of work. It is why most people keep postponing kitchen renovation projects for another time. Nevertheless, giving your kitchen a makeover by refinishing the cabinets or countertops is the best investment of time and money for yourself. 

A gleaming new kitchen look with freshly painted kitchen cabinets can lift your spirits! It can even make working in the kitchen more enjoyable. You can put on some music in your newly refinished kitchen and go with the flow. 

How to Go About Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets 

An Interior of a Kitchen

An important thing to remember is that refinishing your kitchen cabinets is not a one-day job. It entails the collection of the materials, prepping, and then getting the job done. If you think this process is costing you a lot of time and energy, then know that the cost of new cabinets is way higher. 

Items Needed 

Getting the required supplies individually is better in terms of flexibility and a wide array of choices. If you are all set to embark on giving a makeover to your kitchen cabinets, then note the following things down.

You will be needing:  

  1. Oil-based paints 
  2. Cleaning solution (preferably trisodium phosphate) 
  3. Clean sponges and buckets 
  4. Sandpaper 
  5. Wall putty and putty knife 
  6. Primer 
  7. Electric oscillating sander 
  8. Roller frame and covers 
  9. Paintbrushes 
  10. Paint sprayer (optional) 

You can also go for the cabinet painting kits, which are inclusive of all the required items. However, such kits are a tad bit costly than the sum of their parts. 

Refinishing Ideas for Kitchen Makeover 

1. Black Cabinets and a Milk Paint Finish 

Gone are the days when the standard color tone for the cabinets was only oak-wood brown. Now you can introduce a little bit of magic in your kitchen by refinishing all the cabinets in black and contrasting them with light-colored countertops. 

Black color looks chic and modern without dampening the brightness of the room. The best way to rock black kitchen cabinets is to match them with white or fawn backsplash and marble countertop. Painting your kitchen cabinets black might be the most precision-requiring job you have done, as black paint enhances every minor stroke of the brush. 

However, a job well done can be the best thing ever to have happened to your kitchen. 

2. Classic Elegance 

Photo of Kitchen Interior

Another inspiring way to infuse a new spirit in your kitchen by painting kitchen cabinet ideas is to go for classic ones. The elegance of charcoal color is never outdated. The rustic outlook of the cabinets sanded to the brim, painted with perfection, and contrasted with gold-colored shimmery blob handles showcases a vogue taste. 

Match them with 18th or 19th century themed wallpapers or backsplash, and your kitchen can be the coziest place to sit and munch on warm biscuits.

3. Chalkboard cabinets 

Another popular idea to spruce up your kitchen cabinets is to use chalkboard paint. You can even paint your pantry door with chalkboard paint and use it to list out items that need restocking. This easiest and simplest way to give your cabinets a fresh look is also the most creative one. 

If you are not such a big fan of chalk dust in the kitchen, then you can paint the insides of your cabinets with chalkboard paint and use it as a reminder board. 

4. Go bold with eggplant color 

If you are a tad bit ready to experiment with something bold and unique, then this eggplant idea might be for you. You can renew your kitchen island cabinets with eggplant color and match them with printed wallpaper. The matte-finished eggplant-colored cabinets go superb with a wood top. 

It brings a cozy and homely feeling to an inviting kitchen. 

5. Standard calm and cozy 

The creamy white color for the kitchen cabinets never stops being perfect for any kitchen. A smooth white finish matched with dark-colored countertops and backsplash brings out the pop in your kitchen. You can add glossy handles to the door and drawers and sit back and relax. 

White kitchen cabinets emanate warmth and coziness. However, they get stained very quickly and require loads of maintenance. 

6. Two-toned everything 

Brown Wooden Table with White Chairs on  Wooden Flooring

One of the ways you can have your kitchen stand out from others is to go for two-toned cabinets. Decide on two tones you love, such as black and creamy white, and have your kitchen refinished stylishly. 

Go for the lighter shade for the upper cabinets while painting the lower base cabinets with the darker shade. This kind of uplifting interior can turn your small kitchen into the rustic old farmhouse kitchen that inspires you. 

7. Light and breezy 

Dreary kitchens are never fun to work in. Darkness and gloom do not go hand in hand with kitchen knives and burning stovetops. Turn your kitchen from dark and dismal to light and breezy with gleaming white cabinets and a light-blue island for adding a pop of color. 

8. Hide the wood 

If you have had enough with the wood, then you can take a whole 360-degree turn and paint your kitchen cabinets in blade grey with a pearl finish. In this way, you can leave all the wood textures behind and welcome the new look of your kitchen. 

9. Let the cabinets pop-out 

Most kitchens have subdued colors on the cabinets so that the wallpaper or wall paint stands out. Reverse the idea and see the magic happen. We are talking about coating the cabinets light baby blue while letting the white walls remain empty. 

The plain white walls bring out the life of the cabinets. The kitchen looks airy and big with this refinishing idea. 

Refreshing Look 

A refreshing touch to your kitchen once in a while can go a long way. With the items readily available at the nearest store and a list of ideas to refinish your kitchen cabinets like above, you can undertake the project without much hassle. Let us know how you find these ideas in the comments below. 

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