Do you know about the New Profile Pic app doing around the United StatesAustralia and the United Kingdom? According to reports the new app will allow users to convert their profile photos into artwork and post it on their social media accounts.

There were concerns raised over the app being fraudulent and potentially threatening users’ security. What is Informe Laboratories Inc. associated with the application?

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What is the reason Informe Laboratories in the news?

A new app, dubbed”the New Profile Pic app had caused internet users to go crazy. The app, which went viral in the first week of May 2022 is claimed to be a fraud. It allows users to change their profile pictures to cartoon or artwork with the help of an AI.

Based on our research and further looking into the app we found that the app was created by a firm called Informe Laboratories, Inc.. Country located within New Zealand. In the next parts, we’ll go into detail on the reasons why the company is featured in news, and provide more information about the application.

More information about the company

  • In further searching the web we came across some information regarding the application.
  • The same company also designed various other programs like ToonMe Cartoon Photo Editor, Access Browser, Face Switch Face Editor and AIportraits.
  • However, the website for the app is associated with Linerock Investments.
  • According to studies, the company is headquartered in Moscow and is located close to the Russian Ministry of Defence.

Informe Laboratories Inc – Know More Details

According to reports the Website is registered to Linerock Investments, which is close to the Russian Ministry of Defence. This has put this New Profile Pic App under the radar for cyber-security.

Based on the information provided to Jake Moore, who is the Global Cybersecurity Advisor at ESET Internet Security It is not clear whether the site and the application are linked. However, they’ve warned users to be careful when uploading personal information or photos.

There’s a rumor about the app’s ability to capture faces of users in high resolution , and also capturing facial characteristics and other data. The app created is owned by Informe Laboratories Inc.. Country is located on New Zealand and has a website that is registered through Linerock Investments located in Moscow, Russia.

Final Conclusion

As technology advances Users must be careful when sharing information online. No matter whether it’s an application or a site, information can be stolen and used to carry out malicious activities. Therefore, we advise users to be on guard and exercise complete precautions before using any app.

We hope this article gives enough details about the reason how the business is making headlines and the debate over the application.

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