Whether it is during the rainy or snowy weather conditions in Bangkok, inflatable decorations are made from durable waterproof and brightly colored nylon material that can withstand harsh weather conditions. Adding a touch of fun to the ever-booming parties and events in Bangkok using different inflatable decorations will leave a lasting impression on your guests. Many outdoor shops in Bangkok that rent out inflatable decorations offer a team that will deliver, set up, dismantle, and deliver back the inflatable decorations after usage. Carnival games, rodeo bull, trampoline, bouncy castle, giant ball pool, water slides, mountain climb, sumo wrestling, and bubble football are some of the inflatable decorations for your fun events. The Thai nation holds different activities and events all year long. Having an inflatable tube (ตุ๊กตาโบกมือ) as you enjoy the beach waters of Bangkok will leave a lasting impression.

Inflatable yard decorations

They are simple-to-use decorations that easily self-inflate with a once-you plug electric outlet. For a dramatic effect, inflatable gazebo tents can lit up against the dark nighttime sky. Once fully inflated, the inflatable decorations can be 8-10 feet after reaching a stature. The following tips will help you select the best inflatable decoration that will suit your needs and achieve your desired results:

Placement and set up 

After making sure that the area you want to mount up the inflatable decoration is clear from any potential obstruction, remove it from the box and spread the deflated decoration out fully on the ground. Most inflatable decorations come with simple to use tethers, leg stands, or stakes that will help you secure the decoration on the ground. To mount, follow the simple laid guide on how to set up the decoration. Have your inflatable facing upright for proper inflation.


After deciding where you will place the inflatable decoration, make sure that there is nothing in its immediate location that will impede or interfere with its inflation. Ensure no branches, trees, or bushes will potentially scrape, poke, or scratch the inflatable as they could potentially damage it. To use your air-blown inflatable, make sure you have access to an electrical outlet as you’ll need the plugin. 


Before inflating, make sure that any vents, zippers, or fasteners are closed and that nothing is obstructing the intake of air in the area. At the bottom of the inflatable, the air intake will force air into the decoration, inflating it, therefore, it needs to be clear at all times for your inflatable to be operational. In just minutes, your airblown inflatable decoration will come to its full stature as it has its own built fan that will automatically start working once you plug it into an electrical outlet. Depending on the size of your decoration, inflating will take a few minutes. Insert the stakes into the ground and attach the tethers to the sides ring grommets once the inflatable is fully erect. When deflating your inflatable, unplug the decoration and it will gradually deflate completely.  

How to clean up inflatables  (H2)

Inflatable tubes and decorations can be sources of germs and micro-organisms. Cleaning them should be a priority as they can quickly spread illness to others just by touch. Citrus cleaners, washing machines, disinfectant wipes, dish soap and water, and environmentally safe homemade all-purpose cleaners are some of the methods you can use to clean your inflatable decoration. It’s advisable to clean the inflatable after use then dry it and store it for a germ-free and safe environment.

Inflatable decorations always add a pop of fun and color to your event. In case of accidental rips or tears, you can sew the tear by hand with a needle and thread or even duct tape or clear packaging tape to repair the tear. After less than 8 hours at one stretch, remove the inflatable from the electrical outlet.