The collection of data from customers and clients is not a new concept. But the arrival of handheld devices made it more interesting and easy/efficient. Before mobile devices became so common, companies used manual methods to spot or enter data into a computer to organize it.

But, the mobile data collection method took the game to another level. Digitally recording information in mobile devices is the first step, and it eliminates the need for manual data entry of the information collected.

Many industries benefit from this technology, and they utilize the data collected to improve and advance their businesses. But, before getting into the list of industries using this technology, one must understand the meaning of data collection and why businesses use it?

What is mobile data collection?

It is a method of gathering various kinds of information with the help of handheld devices (especially mobile phones). It helps the companies save time, resources, and money.

It is a very environmentally friendly method of data collection as there are no paper, pencil, or pens/inks used. The data collected in this field is always in a non-contact manner (no physical contact), as it increases personal safety/security.

How does this help the businesses?

This method is more efficient and ensures the accuracy of the data collected. And filling out mobile forms on your device is easier and faster than manual data entries. A user can select data from the lists, checkboxes, buttons, or scanned data without entering information manually.

In addition, this process includes automatic validation of the collected data based on their type and required fields. It (validation and minimum manual entries) reduces errors drastically and saves a lot of time for the business.

Which industries use mobile data collection?

The world is now seeing the age of information reaching its peak. The businesses are paying attention to the recent pandemic and its effects on countries/industries. At this point, the manual collection of data becomes nearly impossible.

The industries which use this method of data collection are:

Health information collection (Healthcare Sector)

As mentioned above in the article, healthcare institutions need to collect information about the patients and learn about their health history.

Suppose the patient fills the online forms, or the patient’s family has their information uploaded to the institution’s website, the healthcare professionals can get an idea of the patient’s current state and access their information at any given time and will be stored for any future requirements, say if the patient revisits the healthcare facility.

Telecommuting (IT/Software Industry)

There’s communication software by which the employees can work from remote places. Since 2020, a major portion of IT employees and employees of many sectors have been working from home. This was only possible because of the high-tech telecommunication services.

Since there are a lot of employees working from home, HR needs the data of employees such as attendance, working hours, leaves, travels, etc. If there is well-tailored software for the HR department to collect this data, they don’t need to worry about anything else.

Inventory management (Logistics)

The world is now filled with packages being transported from place to place either by being shipped or by flight. Here, the management of inventory becomes crucial, and the efficiency of the warehouse becomes vital.

The data collected helps appropriately manage the inventory by understanding the limitations of the stocks and ordering new products at the right time.

Online businesses (Online markets)

The giants like eBay and Amazon heavily depend on customer feedback and orders. The application made by them has a lot of options to select and filter the products. The company also collects the information to show the buyer more personalized results.

The data collection method helps both the seller and the buyer in businesses.