Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 is now in full swing as players across Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States are enjoying the season. The most exciting aspect of the season are the color bottles players must take home. It is called the Color Bottle for Banana Yellow is the only one players can locate at Rainbow Rentals.

Rainbow Rentals is situated in the southern portion of Holly Hatchery and west of Shanty Town. Within Fortnite Rainbow Rentals , there are five rental bungalows. They all have three sections and have a balcony with views of the beach.

What are Fortnite Rainbow Rentals?

Fortnite Rainbow Rentals is the area in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 8 in which players need to go to upgrade the Toona Fish and find the Color Bottle for Banana Yellow. The key region on the map will help unlock various things, such as the Banana Yellow Color bottles to Toona Fish.

But, players need to know the exact location on the map to ensure they can easily access it. If you’ve never been to at the Rainbow Rentals earlier, you might have a difficult time trying to find the location and also explore all the Color Bottles.

In Fortnite Rainbow Rentals – How to Find the Location?

There are steps players should follow to locate their Rainbow Rentals on the map.

  • Players must be able to land on Holly Hedges and pick up the weapon. This will ensure that any enemies who are looking for the same bottles aren’t able to get a quick killing.
  • Take a turn towards Southwest direction on the coast beach, after collecting the gears
  • Rainbow Rentals is situated in the direction to the west of the map.
  • When you arrive at the area, you will need to locate three bottles of color to Banana Yellow In Fortnite Rainbow Rentals.
  • Once you’ve collected them, you need to get the color of Toona Fish.

These steps will assist you to locate the exact location and the three Color Bottles of Banana Yellow.

Where to Find Banana Yellow Color Bottles in Rainbow Rentals?

After completing The Rainbow Rentals, players have to locate the three colored bottles. Below are the places where players can find the three colors of the bottles within the Rainbow Rentals.

  • First color bottles are on sale just above the rocks, under the tree with a large view of the beach.
  • Just in central home In the middle of the house, the 2nd color is on display. in Fortnite’s Rainbow Rentals
  • A third bottle of color is found among unknown rocks.

These are the places that players can locate colored bottles in Rainbow Rentals. After having collected the three color bottles found in the game’s map, gamers will be able to gain access to their Banana Yellow color for the Toona Fish. It can also be added to the locker in”Edit” in the “Edit” section.


Rainbow Rentals is the address on the map in game Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 8. The website allows you to find colored bottles that gain access to for the Toona Fish skin in the game. Once you have mastered the steps to follow and where to locate these color containers in Fortnite Rainbow Rentals, you are able to begin your hunt today.

Have you ever come across these color containers in Fortnite Rainbow Rentals? If so, then please let us know your experience in the comments box.