You don’t like your house anymore? Tired of your old furniture and cheesy wallpaper? Because the house also requires small daily changes, Homify today gives you advice to improve your home so that you feel good at home.

Take pictures:

Because it is not always easy to realize the elements to rearrange to improve your home, take photographs of your home! This will allow you to develop an outside point of view. You will see, unsightly plastic chairs or withered plants will jump out at you and you will be better able to improve your home!

Get organized!

Good organization will allow you to see more clearly and also save time to improve your home! Make a list of the things to improve in your home in order to understand the time of work that you will have to do room by room and a possible budget for the purchase of new trendy accessories. 

Change the arrangement of the furniture:

Changing the arrangement of furniture is a golden option to improve your home and sometimes realize that we no longer use certain furniture which therefore takes up space for nothing.

So what to do? Sell ​​them in a flea market, or if you don’t have the soul of a shopkeeper, donate them to associations. Improve your home by doing a good deed? Yes, it’s possible!

Call on an interior designer:

You don’t have time to take these steps? Is your house too run down to consider revamping it yourself? Call on an interior designer, this is the professional designated to improve your home.

And here at Homify interior decorators, this is not what is missing, take a look at their work and contact them! Need information about roofing ? Check out Roofing Company of McKinney 

10 Creative Ideas to Transform your Home!

Decorating your home is a complex art. To impregnate a spot with its glue or to make it wonderful to live in. Whether in a modern, chic, or refined style, the interior design resources are varied and come together in all tones.

Homify today offers you a selection of decorative ideas to decorate your interior and offers you a range of objects and designs that will meet your expectations. This article will explore room by room, and floor to ceiling everything for the home. And if you want to go further, I invite you to discover here  5 ideas to decorate your home! 

A wallpaper that will transport you to Brittany!

And if you don’t have a green thumb, go for a natural wallpaper like this one. Doesn’t Mother Nature offer the most beautiful patterns to dress your walls? Their natural inspirations will make them unique models! Whether you are Brittany or the Côte d’Azur, there is something for all tastes and for all the rooms in your home!

Treat yourself to Provence in Paris, the Atlantic in Nord-Pas-de-Calais, or New York in Bordeaux. With these extraordinary backdrops, it is presently conceivable to have an outstanding display without leaving your home!

An office that looks like an artist’s studio

This breathtaking office that looks like an artist’s studio surprises us with its extraordinary dimensions. Industrial-inspired lighting brings a contemporary touch to the already grandiose ensemble.

We find in this office everything you need for the home: from stools and chairs of great simplicity to the table with slightly curved legs (which gives it a dreamlike side to Alice in Wonderland) through the magnificent paintings, essential decorative element for any self-respecting interior! 

Green is the new black

While remaining in an industrial design with its iron furniture (desk, lamp, projector), this space cleverly combines the plant and the industrial. Green walls are becoming a must in terms of eco-responsibility. A breath of fresh air that emanates throughout your home.

A whole eco-responsible program for the home which places respect for the environment at the heart of its priorities, without neglecting of course the aesthetic aspect. The 21st century will be green or it will not be!

Bring nature into your living room

A genuine little chlorophyll hovel in your family room, for example, the test of Adventive, a French eco-plan organization. Owning plants allows you on the one hand to purify your air and on the other hand to improve your quality of life by installing an ideal Zen atmosphere that will ward off stress or fatigue.

The green design reflects both the ecological trend and the links between man and nature. For example, by combining minimalism and it’s traditional black and white with beautiful natural styles, you will get a living room at the top of the trend! You will never tire of this little ecosystem that will bring serenity to your home. 

Dare to color in your bedroom

Do you dream of a colorful night? Then this room is made for you! Colors act on our psyche and are an activator of well-being! There are no right or wrong colors for an intimate room, they are indicative of your psyche. The so-called warm colors are stimulating hues.

Orange thus inscribes a real dynamism for your home in a room. Yellow is a toned tonic color. If you do not hesitate to distill these colors in small touches on decorative objects such as cushions, it is preferable to keep your bed sets white or black in order to avoid too many of these colors … final will make you see life in pink! 

A hammam in your bathroom!

Mosaic has the same advantages as wall tiles (resistance to wear, stains, and humidity). It leaves room for total creative freedom. The decor is infinitely customizable to suit all types of interior: classic, rustic, contemporary… Here we have opted for a mosaic with full coverage.

That is to say that it was used over the entire surface to completely dress the bathroom. Quite possibly the most utilized arrangements, particularly for hammams. Moreover, this magnificent mosaic uses Moorish-inspired motifs. Quite a trip for your home!

An astonishing green wall

Another incredible green wall blends into this magnificent refined kitchen. This is the challenge taken up by the Belgian company Green Mood, which offers a new concept of revolutionary plant design without any maintenance (no pruning, no water, no sun.) Plant creations that embellish your interior, in a personalized and unique way. .

In addition to the aesthetic side, provides a feeling of well-being, reduces stress, and increases efficiency in all rooms of the house. Sprinkle your interior with these walls and plant elements and you will get a coherent whole in your home while respecting the ecology since it is a natural product and 100% biodegradable. 

Vintage and classy cubic lights

‘ The soul of the diamond is light .’ writes in his work Pensées, the moralist Joseph Joubert. We cannot contradict him! Indeed, to make your interior shine with a thousand lights, what could be better than appropriate lighting ?!

La Valise Rouge offers you a range of cubic lamps that stands out for their originality! They will be perfect for any room in your home, especially the kitchen, dining room, or living room! 

Hanging plant gardens that will fascinate the little ones… but also the grown-ups!

Uncommon alternative to the mobile hanging above the baby’s cradle, these mini hanging gardens will delight young and old alike! Unique and pretty, they will inhale a bit of verse into your room! Originally designed to be hung in a child’s room, they will also be perfect for any other room in your home,

as a simple decorative object, or if you wish you can also transform them into original lamps by strategically placing bulbs to create a subdued atmosphere. It’s up to you to be creative!

Flying seeds to live a daydream!

Specialized in the realization of naturalistic and sensitive sculptures on the plant theme, Artgraine offers works that resemble you, from the seeds of your favorite trees and plants. Exceptional works are reminiscent of Alexandre Calder’s mobiles.

Exhibitions and installations are also available for hire. Creation and installation of ceramic sculptures on a botanical theme to enhance your winter gardens! 

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