We are aware that our entire set of teeth are vital for our overall dental health. If we have any tooth/teeth that are missing, it can lead to problems like overbites, collection of plaque, etc. That’s exactly why dentists recommend that replacing missing teeth is essential.

 When it comes to wisdom teeth, there is no denying the fact that humans on this earth have two pairs of wisdom teeth, two on the upper jaw and two on the lower. At the same time, there are some people who get away with it as they never develop these teeth.

If lucky, some people may not have any issues with their wisdom teeth while some may suffer from wisdom tooth related issues like painful gums, crowding of other teeth, swollen gums causing irritation, wisdom teeth growing sideways, cutting sharp edges which lead to abrasions, cysts formation and maybe even tumors that ultimately ends up in extraction of the teeth in the end. This is common among people at the age of 18-25 who have smaller mouths. If this sounds like you, definitely Check Out this dentist in temple terrace Florida.

A very common dental problem faced is that they can get impacted (trapped) meaning that due to misalignment and lesser room in the mouth, they can grow and break through the surface causing severe discomfort. They can also stay hidden at times in the gums or even crowd the nearby teeth thus damaging those as well.

The question here is what purpose does wisdom teeth really serve and do we really need them?

Wisdom teeth are nothing but the third row of your molars. They appear during the ages of 18-25, the transition period from teen to adult. Earlier, people used their wisdom teeth to eat tough meat but nowadays, these teeth are not required any longer.

So do we really need them?

The answer to that is NO. wisdom teeth are practically of no use and they are just lifeless. Almost 90% of the time, people have to deal with the stress of extracting them.

Wisdom tooth being at the far end of the mouth towards the back, get quite difficult to clean. This allows infection to set in resulting in tooth decay. Hence, an orthodontist would recommend to remove wisdom teeth half the time, as a preventive measure.

One needn’t remove their wisdom if they face the following:

  • Wisdom teeth are healthy and in good shape
  • They are fully erupted and completely grown in size
  • They are in correct position
  • The bite is proper from the topside and from the bottom (supporting)
  • One can clean them daily, quite easily

At times, if you have to undergo any other cosmetic dentistry treatment like Invisalign or dental implants, it is advised by the orthodontist to get the wisdom teeth removed to avoid any later eruption that might cause a hindrance to the on-going treatment.

There’s absolutely no point in suffering and keeping the teeth if they are of no use anymore. Your dentist is the best and the only person who can advise you regarding your wisdom teeth. X rays will be taken to see the severity of the situation and whether or not if removal is required.

When it comes to extraction, it is no fun. No matter if you taking out just a single tooth or all four of them, the faster you address the problem with your dentist’s help, the better it is for you. The main age group who have to deal with wisdom tooth related issues are young adults. They also pose as the best audience for the removal procedure because the roots of the teeth aren’t fully formed making the healing process faster and easier.

If you face any jaw pain or swollen gums, then you know who the culprit might be.

Visit us today and get checked for any issues related to your wisdom teeth.