Nowadays, we are living in an era of technological advancement where the whole world is tending towards digitalization. The pace with which the world is changing is so fast that every small and large organization in every field is moving towards digitalization such as, educational firms, business industries, food industry, entertainment, and many others.

Every other company is moving fast to maintain the pace with world technology. But some of them are not only trying to catch up but also overtake the system for their personal and professional use are cybercriminals. They also try to find out the loopholes and continuously work to advance their system to the extent of their capabilities of doing cybercrime. That’s why it is very essential to maintain cybersecurity to maintain the system secure.

Artificial intelligence is the most essential tool required to fight against cybercrime or cybercriminals. It is very important to keep a record of all the securities which has some loop-holes because the hackers are always in search of loop-holes in order to commit cybercrimes. Thus, Artificial intelligence can play a very crucial role in maintaining the security of any system. Whereas, if the hackers use this technology then it will be a threat to cybersecurity.

So, Artificial intelligence becomes very useful if it is in the right hand and if it is in the wrong hands then, it will become a weapon to destroy cybersecurity. Similarly, this digital era also has a lot of advantages but there are some disadvantages also which cannot be neglected.

A major disadvantage of this digital advancement is the threat and the risk associated with our private information. There has been a lot of incidents in the past of data breaches which results in information, identity, and money theft.

These cybercrimes have affected any organization starting from the organization which has very low security to the big corporation with high cybersecurity systems. Not only private organizations, there were some incidents where the government agencies are also affected.

Cybercrimes are increasing day by day because the conventional methods which have been used to identify the cyber threats are so common and also becoming less effective day by day. This is why it is very important for the defenders to constantly work on their loop-holes to make their system more secure.

This results in an increase in career opportunities as a Cyber Security Expert. There are some certification exams that validate your knowledge in the field of cybersecurity such as the CompTIA CySA+ certification exam, ICT Cybersecurity Essentials exam, and many more. Some online platforms like uCertify are offering courses to prepare for these cybersecurity certification exams and it will cover all the topics which are asked in the certification exams.

Career options are also increasing day by day in this field with an increase in cybercrimes. Thus, it is very important to learning continuously in this field as the defender should always to ready to handle cybercrimes.

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