Are you in search of trendy clothing? You haven’t been able to find the clothes you want on any online shopping site. This website is perfect for you. This website features the latest designer clothes. This website was designed in the United States.

This Impenk Review will give you all the information about the website, as well the products that it offers and the legitimacy of its existence. Are you eager to learn about the website’s features? You can read more about the website on our blog.

What does mean?

This shopping portal is trendy and offers the best in fashion clothing. The website specializes in dresses. They are known for their high quality clothes. Their clothes are trendy and excellently designed. The site is online so customers are eager to learn Is Impenk Legit if it’s a scam. To determine the quality of the shopping site.

Stating Important points:

  • The URL for the Domain:
  • Domain existence: 27/03/2022. This is its existence date.
  • Web-portal Expire Date:27/03/2023.
  • Email facility: [email protected]
  • Website official Location: 105W Roosevelt Rd Chicago IL 196005 USA is the web portal’s official location.
  • Support On Call: 5512209033, is its phone number.
  • Web founder information No information is available about the founder.
  • Delivery Policy: Orders are delivered within 4-7 days via the web portal.
  • Shipping free of charge: It allows for free shipping on every order.
  • Specific information about standard delivery:Following Impenk Reviews. No information is available on standard deliveries.
  • Facebook, Twitter, Messenger accounts:
  • Tax obligation:The customs duty is payable by the customer.
  • Order return facility – It offers a 30 day return option.
  • Payment methods include Master Card, PayPal, Credit card and others.

  • It is also available via the social media platform.
  • It offers a range of payment options for customers convenience.
  • It has shared contact details with customer service.


  • It has not given the required founder details.
  • It does NOT allow access to shipping facilities.

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Buyers must remain vigilant and ensure that they read every detail on the website before buying anything. Here are some tips to help you understand the Legitimacy of this website:

  • The present date of the domain: It is quite a recent website.
  • Contact Phone: 502129033 is its number for contacting.
  • Logo for Social Media: The web portal includes Facebook, Twitter, Messenger and Instagram accounts.
  • Points for trust:The website only has 2% trust points.
  • Product discount: There are no details on the website regarding its discount rate.
  • Website address:In compliance with Impenk Reviewed 105 Roosevelt Rd, Chicago IL 60605, USA. This is the official web portal’s location.
  • Policies, terms and conditions: It provides different pages for its policies or terms.
  • Percentage copied content:
  • Alexa rank No data is available for the Alexa web portal ranking.
  • The option on Refund:Refund can be used to deposit funds to customers’ official payment method.
  • Return freight information: This website doesn’t have any information about return freight.
  • Services on Non-refunding. This allows you to get non-refunding services on perishable, personal care and custom goods.
  • Order Cancellation: An order can be cancelled before it is shipped to the customer.

Impenk Reviews

Unfortunately, the website does not have any customer reviews. However, the website has several accounts on social networks. It is not yet possible to see the Alexa rank of this web portal.


The website does not offer a web-based market experience and customers are not confident in their products. Although the web portal has several accounts on social networks, there is no information about customer ratings and reviews of its products as per Impenk Review. The buyer is not relying on their products.