Do you know about the real Australians? Or do you know about Indigenous Australians who are not only related to aboriginal Australians but also to the Torres Strait Islander? While we want to study the origin of Australia we must consider the term called Western systems and structure and how it impacts Aboriginals. In this article, we are going to discuss briefly how do western systems and structures impact on aboriginal and torres strait islander cultures.  After all, it is about 4 lakh, aboriginal people. So, let’s dive in.

Know, who are aboriginal Australians?

First of all, this is not only about indigenous Australians; it is also about the number of islands like Torres Strait Islanders. Aboriginal Australians are related to both of these groups.

Eventually, as time passed it was considered as a political view, along with the deteriorating custom of using it in the past few decades. While few sects defy it because they believe that it is connected to Australia’s colonial past. On the contrary side, some of them don’t have any problems which were known as Aborigine.

All in all, it is related to the people who have developed all across Australia for over more than 50000 years. These are the kind of people who share a most complex genetic history, but at the same time for just the last 200 years, it is identified as only a single group. One of the most interesting things about Aboriginals is the definition. Over the period of time and place, it changed by some parameters like self-identification, the importance of family lineage, community acceptance, etc.

How does western culture and society affect the Aboriginal?

Before the British settlement era, there are approximately 500 indigenous groups are the real habitant of Australia. All of these indigenous are more than 7.5 lakhs in number. Furthermore, the development of the community and culture of aboriginals started from the 60000 years that make them one of the most indigenous custodians of the world’s most ancient living culture. During this time, All the groups are used to living nearby and directly connected to their land.

Impact of western systems and structures aboriginal   

Western systems like colonization are hugely impact the Aboriginals. If we talk about the numbers then it adversely decreases the population of Aboriginals by up to 90%. Here is the number of reasons for such a drastic change in population:

  • Due to the different diseases like smallpox, measles, and flu that spread all across Australia affect as a huge loss of population. As per Governor Arthur Phillip, only smallpox killed almost 50% of indigenous people in just 14 months of a short period.
  • Due to the procurement process of the lands occupied by the indigenous.
  • And lastly, the quarrel between the Aboriginals and colonists results in a brutal clash that plays a significant role in the population.

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Aboriginal Development commission 1983

As per the report of the Aboriginal Development Commission that was conducted in 1983, it was found that more than 6000 Aboriginals still do not get housing organization. On the contrary side, the surplus of 2000 houses was about to hose fringe dwellers. Here is some of the major highlight of Aboriginal Development Commission.

  • As per the census report of the Aboriginal Development Commission in 1981, more than 12.5% of aborigines never went to school.
  • As compare to the non-Aborigines, the unemployment rate of the Aboriginals was three-time higher.
  • When it comes to the life expectancy of the Australian Aboriginals it is much less than the average life of the other Australian habitants.
  • In the account of conviction and imprisonment, the crime rate of the Aboriginals is much more than any other Australian.

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How does colonization affect Aboriginal culture?

Areas like Van Diemen’s Land, Port Phillip, Moreton Bay, Adelaide, etc was being erect due to the expansion of British Settlement. It results as a starting of the dark period of colonial violence and it reported that more than 20000 aboriginals were killed and due to the frontier conflict more than 2000 to 2500 were killed.