Leaders are like your teachers. With the hood ones, you will prosper and with the less dedicated ones, you will never learn any subject properly. The leadership qualities have a direct impact on the employees of an organisation and the kind of impact completely depends upon the leader’s positive or negative aspects.

Qualities of A Good Leader

  • Ability to delegate: It is an important responsibility of a leader and you need to build trust with the employees to delegate well. It is not just about freeing oneself but also lets one to direct reports, provide autonomy, facilitate teamwork and make better decisions.
  • Communication: Communicating well with the employees is very important to be a good leader. Apart from briefing about the projects and getting details about the project, there should be more conversation too. Being a good leader, you must learn to listen to the employees, hear out their problems or suggestions and give them priority.
  • Self-awareness: You can be more effective if you understand yourself well. Understand what the employees want of you, where are you lacking and how to fill those gaps. You yourself can be the best teacher.
  • Gratitude: You can be a better leader if you are thankful and is one of the significant leadership qualities. The advantages of showing gratitude are reduced anxiety and depression, better sleep and high self-esteem. Learn to appreciate and thank your employees.
  • Learning agility: The ability to do something when you actually do not know what has to be done is the learning agility. If you study things quickly and learn to cope with uncertain circumstances, you may already be learning agile. Learning agility can be fostered through effort, practice and experience.
  • Influence: Your employees must feel proud of you and must make you their idol. To do so, you have to be one of them first and then by your skills, mark your progress for the company. Respect them. Have the courage to take up risks and not get afraid of them. 

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Ways in Which Leadership Qualities Can Motivate the Employees

The leadership qualities help in motivating and making the employees more efficient and effective in their work.

  1. The employees get to speak out their heart. As there exists good communication among the leaders and the employees, the employees are free to place their perspectives and the leaders are always there to hear them out.
  2. The employees feel important and significant. As all the employees are given equal importance by giving them options of presenting their ideas, plan or even take some of the decisions of the company on their own. This increases their responsibility towards the company.
  3. The employees become more dedicated towards their work. This increases the overall productivity of the company. Various preset goals are easily achieved through these good leadership qualities.
  4. The employees generate an all new level of creativity and innovation. Motivated employees are the most productive employees. To show off their talent, they can and bring out some great plans and ideas for the projects.

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