Dental professionals recommend everyone visit their local dentists for a regular oral health checkup every 6 months, but the majority of us visit a dentist only when we are forced by a painful tooth or other dental problems that need treatment.

The three major factors that prevent us from visiting a dentist are:

  • Fear of dental treatment.
  • Lack of awareness regarding the importance of oral health and its interconnectedness with the rest of the body.
  • Lack of resources to find a reliable, licensed dental practitioner in our local area.

Cost is also one factor, but dental insurance covers this problem for most people.

Now that we know oral health is equally important and there is nothing to be fearful about a dental visit, the last obstacle is finding the right dentist.

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Importance of regular dental visits

Apart from scaling and tooth polishing, there are many other parameters that your dentist will check during your visit which are important to:

  • Arrest dental cavities at early stages. This is essential to prevent it from getting painful, which is when you require more extensive and more expensive treatment.
  • Also, if not arrested, the cavities can start to infect the adjacent teeth as well.
  • Periodontal diseases are also detected and treated at an early stage. If left for a long time, periodontal diseases can lead to severe gum inflammation that may require surgical treatment and debridement.
  • Periodontium is important to keep the teeth in place and hence, maintaining its health is crucial for us to be able to retain our teeth for longer.
  • Check for any signs of early-stage cancerous conditions of the oral cavity like swelling or redness in the head and neck region especially if you fall under high-risk categories such as tobacco use.
  • There are many medical conditions such as heart diseases that can be detected early on because of the visible signs that the dentist can evaluate during your regular visit.
  • Remove any damaged filling and replace it to prevent any underlying decay from causing you pain and further tooth damage.
  • Check for dental diseases in your children and prevent them from suffering from a chronic infection early on.

Even if we do not realize the importance, our kids need a regular dental check-up too. In between the checkup, we should not forget to maintain oral hygiene habits including regular tooth brushing using fluoridated toothpaste, flossing, and using mouthwash to prevent plaque formation in our oral cavity. A regular cleanup will also keep your smile intact and your breath free from any bad odor.


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