Have you been dependent on any drug that your body has already become used to? Your body signals its dependence on something through symptoms and physical signs.

Because having withdrawal symptoms is an unpleasant and terrifying experience, many people look for distractions and alternatives like finding new hobbies, watching movies, sleeping, and may use other medications to suppress the symptoms.

What if I tell you that there is a natural way to help people experiencing withdrawal, specifically from opioids? Would you be interested? Read more to learn more!

Learning More About Opioids

Before delving into how we can withdraw from dependence on opioids, we need to understand what opioids are first. You could have bumped into this word during the past years, but what is it, really?

Opioids are drugs that doctors prescribe for severe pains. This drug binds with opium receptors in our brain, making us feel more relieved and euphoric. This feeling of relaxation led to more people misusing opioids as a way to relieve stress.

As a result, opioid use disorder has already become widespread, especially in the United States, where people have been treating opioids as an escape from their realities – taking one after another.

Recently, studies and clinical trials have shown a new and alternative way to successfully withdraw from opioids without experiencing the horrors of fighting the symptoms.

Could this be the answer to opioid addiction problems?

Withdrawing from Opioids

Stopping ourselves from things that we constantly do or use is never easy. Being used to something and then suddenly, we have to say our goodbyes is the worst part. 

In dieting, a sudden absence of a particular food we always eat leads to illness and changes in mood.

We, as humans, are not exactly fond of sudden and drastic changes in our environment. And just like this, working on your dependence on opioids is a pain to many as it can be life-threatening. 

One may experience loss of appetite, changes in mood, constant fatigue, congestion, irritability, intolerable muscle pain, restlessness, and nausea. 

It is also possible to have dilated pupils, anxiety, rapid breathing, hallucinations, and seizures during withdrawal.

All these can happen at the most crucial time which is 12 hours after the last dose. Symptoms may last for 2 weeks and remember that this will be a constant battle with yourself. 

It is possible to become lost in your thoughts as you obsessively crave opioids. This is why it is important to consult with professionals first and ask for help with regard to withdrawing.

Kratom as the Key

Knowing that it is difficult to suddenly quit using opioids, kratom should not be kept a secret from many. Kratom is like an opioid that relieves pain and gives a euphoric feeling. It can also be misused but the good news is that it can help with withdrawal.

Kratom comes from Southeast Asia that is commonly used as a stimulant and pain reliever. Despite being in existence for a long time now, it was only 10-20 years ago that the United States discovered and acknowledged kratom’s abilities.

People started using it and now, around 0.7 percent of the whole population has been using kratom and 10.3 percent are using this for their opioid use disorder. 

In the fight showing kratom vs opioids, the former became an alternative to opioids, over these years, and many have successfully managed their withdrawal symptoms as it gives an opioid-like effect.

How does one Take Kratom?

Traditionally, kratom leaves are dipped in tea or are turned into powder. It can also be made into pills, capsules, and other digestible products. Kratom drink shots are also available in different shops, ready to ship across the globe.

When buying kratom powder in bulk, it is imperative to check for the best seller out there as some may offer expensive but low-quality products that are unsafe to users. Nuwave Botanicals is one of the best sellers! Check out their affordable options.

When it comes to knowing your dose, it is still recommended to ask professionals but low doses of kratom help with stimulation. Alertness and an increase in physical energy will definitely be observed in someone who uses kratom. 

A higher dose, on the other hand, can act as a sedative where the feeling of euphoria is generally observed. Here, dullness of emotions can also appear.

Health Benefits of Kratom

Now that we have understood opioids and kratom including how the latter can help with one’s withdrawal symptoms, let’s dive more into the health benefits of kratom.

Enhancing One’s Libido

Several clinical findings reported kratom as a potential sexual enhancement supplement. Since kratom energizes people, an increased sex drive also follows. It also helps for a proper erection due to its muscle pain-relieving ability.

Boosting One’s Mood

Kratom is potentially an antidepressant and a hunger suppressant. Since kratom has the same psychological effects as opioids and it binds to our opioid receptors, your body can quickly work its way out of your symptoms.

Relieving One’s Pain

Kratom is clinically beneficial when managing pain, whether in muscle, nerves, or even your organs, themselves. This powerful plant has been freeing people from their pains through natural means.

It is to note, however, that kratom has different strains such as green,white, and red. The first two are known to boost energy as they are not potent enough compared to red.

Red ones are proven as an effective strain that communicates with our body’s pain receptors well. It has “sedating properties” that are commendable at managing pain, which can help those who are suffering from lupus, arthritis, and the like.


Kratom and opioids work alike but the former definitely has a less fatal effect on consumers. Many people out there are scared to try as dependence on this can still happen, but kratom is still the best alternative out there.

Its health benefits are far superior to those of other supplements and treatments. With kratom, withdrawing from opioids will not be a problem anymore. 

Should you be interested to learn more about kratom and its abilities, do not hesitate to further your research or ask a professional for help.

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