Are you looking for websites that can help improve your friendship score and provide challenges for your friends? Today’s review will be based on Icequiz .Com It can help you both and your friend to get to know one another, strengthen your relationship, and see who knows more about whom.

People from India And the United States You are showing interest in this website. Continue reading to find out more.

About this site:

It allows you send challenges to your friends, such as friendship dares Real and fake buddy tests, friendship trivia, testing your bond, and many other challenges. You can discover the true bonds between friends by taking part in these challenges.

These challenges can be found in all languages to make this site accessible worldwide. You can find out more details hereIcequiz .Com.Continue reading the article.

What challenges are there?

You can earn a score by answering the questions with your friend. This website offers many challenges, including:

  • Best Buddy Meter
  • Dare to be different
  • Check your bond
  • Top 5 friends challenge
  • Friendship trivia quiz
  • True or false
  • Faux or real buddy test
  • Super dare

These challenges can all be sent to friends.

How do you accomplish this?Icequiz .ComWhat is your job?

This website has a wide variety of challenges and quizzes that allow you to pick any challenge that suits your needs. When you click on a challenge you want to take part in, the website will ask for your name. Next, you’ll need to answer the questions the website has asked.

What questions asks this website?

Once you hit the “start” button and you’ve filled out your name, a list of questions will appear asking about your day, lifestyle, preferences, and choices. You will need to answer these questions if you would like more information.Icequiz .ComThen, continue reading.

How can you share this quiz?

Once you have finished setting up your quiz and selecting the options, the website will give you a link. This link can be shared with your friends either by copying it or sending it to them via Whatsapp status.

If your friend answers the quiz by entering his/her name, you’ll be notified. get the result of their score at this website. The result will provide you with a number that will indicate all of the correct answers.


Consider it done. Icequiz .Com We have included all details about how to use this site and how to send challenges your friends.

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