Are you familiar with the Icelandic animals? You will find out about a rare animal that lives in Iceland. It would surprise you to learn that this rare animal was discovered in the United States.

You can go hicking alone or with friends if you live in the same region. We know rare animals are not common for no reason. We recommend that you read the Ice Dragon Patagoniaarticle to learn more about this rare animal.

What’s the Patagonia Dragon?

The Patagonian Dragon is a primitive insect that lives in the Andean Southern Icefield’s glaciers. It is the only member of the stonefly family whose wingless members have high blood glycerol levels. The algae particles found in the ice crevices of the Patagonian Dragon are what Patagonian Dragon eats. It can live for about 100 years.

The Andean Southern Icefield is remote and unexplored, so research on the insects that live there has been very limited. The discovery of a Patagonian Ice Dragon was pure luck.

Science of the Discovery Obsession

Legendary creatures have appeared due to the obsession of explorers with finding incredible inhabitants in extreme locations around the globe. Amazing beasts have been discovered in icy deserts thanks to these mythical creatures.

Want to learn more about Ice Dragon Patagonia?

It is unknown, far away and unmeasurable, but it has been a part of the search for strange people in this country. A French expedition to Torres del Paine in 2001 discovered a remarkable creature 40m below the ice surface. This incredible creature was called the “Dragon in Patagonia”.

The Discovery

The Patagonian Dragon is a tiny bug that measures approximately 15 millimeters. It is scientifically called Andiperla willinki, despite its fancy name. The Patagonian Ice Dragon was first described by Aubert Willink, a French scientist. The specimen used in this description was the original. After years of believing that the species was extinct, he found it hidden in a glacier crevice and returned it to prominence.


Ice Patagonia Dragon is the most rare insect found in cold temperatures. It’s mainly found in Iceland and ice water. We have provided all scientific and nonscientific information about this creature in our post. We invite you to share more information about Ice Dragon Patagonia in the comments section.