Gravel bike is a trend

For those who monitor the cycling industry already know that gravel bikes are the next hot thing. At first they started out as modified CX-bikes, but in the last couple of years gravel bikes have come a long way. This bike segment really grew on its own with its specific framesets, there even exists dual suspension framesets! But not only the frameset is specific, the wheels and tires are too. You can’t expect to have a great off road experience while riding on a wheelset meant for road usage. The particular conditions for gravel riding naturally require a set of wheels able to form a single system with the gravel bike. Therefore, your wheels need to be comfortable and light, and above all they must be as reliable as possible.

              Why upgrade to a gravel wheelset?

If you are anything like me, you’re always looking how to upgrade your bike to the next level to ultimately have the best machine possible to tackle those roads. In our case, it’s the ultimate gravel bike.

Spending money where it counts when upgrading your bike. A new wheelset, although not the cheapest upgrade, have in my opinion a bigger effect on the ride characteristics than any other modification. A pair of lighter wheels minimizes the rotational mass, riders could experience improved speed and acceleration, while increasing lateral stiffness offers a noticeable shift in performance

For this reason we developed a specific gravel carbon wheelset, the G25. We wanted to offer our clients the best gravel experience possible without draining their bank account.

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It is a real gamechanger, carbon wheels make your bike feel more responsive, more snappy, it feels a lot easier to handle. A pair of lighter wheels minimizes the rotational mass, you’ll notice that your speed and acceleration will improve, while increasing lateral stiffness offers a noticeable shift in performance. They even absorb as much as possible the prolonged vibrations generated by the use on dirt roads.

              Specifications of 650b gravel wheelset G25

What makes our new wheelset different over normal road rims is the ultrawide 25mm  internal rim profile. Traditional road tires have around 15 to 19mm internal diameter and make larger tires balloon more, unsurprisingly wider rims create a better interface with a tire. Our gravel wheelset will stretch the tire more out resulting in a larger contact point and making more use of the tire threads. Typically gravel riding involves 28mm wide rubber, but lately we see 35 to even 50mm wide tires are becoming the new norm.  Although we do need to warn you, if you want a larger tire check the compatibility of your frame. Make sure your frame has enough clearance to run the wider tire.

To further make your gravel ride more comfortable our G25 wheelset is tubeless optimized, so setting up your rims and tires is made as easy as possible. This  combination of a larger rim, higher volume tires and a tubeless setup will give you a very noticeable difference to your ride comfort.  

Our light carbon rims, laced together by 24 Sapim spokes, front and rear, onto our new D21 freehub – a 6 pawl freehub with 72 points of engagement – weigh only 1340 grams. Our goal was to give our customers a very nimble feeling wheelset that is able to accelerate when necessary.  Even the 35mm rim depth helps giving you a small aero advantage.

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              In conclusion

If you are looking for a gravel set of premium wheels, don’t look any further. Our carbon gravel wheelset offer you everything you need. You’ll have less body vibration, more acceleration and speed. Simply put, your bike will be more fun and more comfortable to ride, it will feel like new and  all this for a budget price.


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