Statement making a buzz online. She posted this statement online after she thought some frauds scammed her. The natives have linked her amount to Google Voice to perform scams along with other individuals.

The scammers have put up a Google Voice Account using her number, and when they attempt to do scams with GV, the first person to contact for analysis would be Kelly and not the scammers.

What is the Story All About?

Fourteen days ago, Kelly was amazed when she watched her mobile with a Text message in the resale application”OfferUp.” The announcement reads,”Hi, is that still accessible.” She couldn’t suspect someone who is interested in purchasing her previous apartment furniture.

They were scamming to get Hold of her mobile number to install Google Voice accounts as a real individual. The message was delivered by a woman from the United States called Jaree. As Kelly verified that furniture is available, she asked to talk about her contact number.

She shared her number because the phone number and payment information on the application was confirmed. Jaree also had a profile picture and additional details to make her look legitimate.

Is Google Voice Scam Frequent with Others?

After evaluating, we discovered that many people besides Kelly are Prey to the Google Voice Scam. Users have shared opinions on discussion forum concerning the scam.

Calls from 220-00 and asking them for the verification code to set-up Google Voice account.

A lot of people shared their number while others ignored the messages and calls.

When Kelly Posted “I Fell For A Google Voice Scam”?

Everything was going ordinary, and Kelly and Jaree were Exchanging messages via text and phone. However, when Jaree asked her to talk about the six-digit code she received, it triggers suspicion in Kelly’s mind. The code arrived in text messages from”Google Voice.”

The message was from 220-00, and using a Google search, it had been Confirmed that the message was from Google. Kelly did not bother to split the code.

At this time of the ironic reality of this circumstance, she researched the scam and composed:”I Fell For A Google Voice Scam.”


Being a journalist, she is still not aware of how she is scammed. All scams she investigated involve extracting the victim’s personal details like bank accounts information, address, and contact number.

In her case, the scammer just asked for a code and Telephone Number, And it indicates that the scammer only wants a natural number to prepare a Google Voice Account. So, it is Known as Google Voice Scam.

It is the new sort of scam prevailing online, and consumers need to stay change of it. Please discuss your Opinion in the remarks section.