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We know that is a society that functions efficiently and smoothly, there is a requirement for a logical amendment to be made by the existing government. This change can be implemented in areas that require immediate attention.

Within the United States ,the government have been proposing a variety of amendments to protect individuals’ rights and obligations. Today, we’ll discover the details of what Hyde Amendment Wiki HTML1says and the reasons for the introduction of this amendment. This article is directly related to the change in abortion funding that is currently practiced throughout the US.

Origin Of Hyde Amendment

  • Hyde Amendment Hyde Amendment was originally introduced on the 30th of September, 1976.
  • It was the House of Representatives passed this amendment.
  • This amendment is named in honor of the principal supporter Henry Hyde, who was a Republican congressman
  • Different changes have been introduced in the amendment every year since it was in place, but each time the result has been different.

What Is Hyde Amendment Wiki?

This amendment Hyde was passed as a lawful provision that federal funds were not to be used for the field of abortion.

The amendment permitted funds to help women or the pregnancy by rape or incest. Prior to the passing of this law that was in effect from around 1980, it was estimated that there had been the total of 3,00,000. abortions performed annually using tax payer funds.

The law limits the allocation of funds for the human and health services department, resulting in significant effects, as stated by the Hyde Amendment Wiki.

Supporting Arguments Related To This Amendment

They claim that fifty-seven per percentage of American residents are in favor of the amendment, while 36 percent of the population oppose the amendment. This figure was calculated in 2016

Opposing Arguments Related To This Amendment

A few critics claim that the law will surely affect women who are low-income, younger women, and women with a racial background. The estimates suggest that 42 percent of women who have abortions are lower income families.

After the passage of the amendment Hyde Amendment Wiki, it was found that millions of women could not afford abortions. This led to the deaths of numerous women as well as the birth of foetuses.

Implications And Effects

  • Amendment Hyde prohibits abortions through a federally-funded department
  • It is done to women who are as part of Medicare, Native American, US women and veterans as well as the women who are D.C. residents, women’s in detention centers and prisons and peace corps women’s.
  • The amendment does not exclude women who are receiving health services from federal government U.S government.
  • There were a variety of states ‘ actions that were taken into consideration as a result by this change.
  • Despite the existence of this amendment, 17 states continue to allow women who have the option of making use of their own Medicaid funds to pay for abortion.


That’s all the Hyde Amendment Wiki provides regarding the U.S amendment passed in the year 1976. The amendment did come into effect a few years afterward, and each American resident has not acquiesced to the amendment until now.