Are you in search of some hats? Have you discovered a nice assortment of hats? If not, here’s an idea for you. Parker and Rose shop in Australia is specifically designed to help you if you’re searching for hats, jewels or other items. This store is designed specifically especially for women.

Our review regarding Parker and Rose Reviews will provide our readers with information in the credibility and operation of the store. It will inform you about the policies of the shop and other aspects that can help you assess its credibility.

Short description of Parker and Rose shop

Parker and Rose Shop is an online store where customers are able to browse through beautiful items to use for their everyday needs. They offer stunning and fashionable collection. Additionally, the website offers many discounts that are available in a time-bound period. Below we have highlighted a few items that are available on the site.

  • Hats
  • Bags
  • Jewellery
  • Sunglasses

Are parker and rose legitimate? The website offers a wide range of items however, how do you tell if the products will be delivered to you once you place an purchase? You can determine if the website is legitimate by visiting the legitimate section. We have provided all details about the legitimacy ahead. Before we do that, we’ve shared some of the features of this site below. Therefore, please read them and determine whether it is a good site with the right features.

Specifications of Parker and Rose

  • Purchase hats from
  • Email address:
  • The number of the phone and address of the business aren’t listed in the design.
  • Our team couldn’t find the Parker and Rose Reviews on the internet sites. Furthermore, some reviews were found on the official site.
  • Return Policy: Two-month return policy is available for damaged or defective products.
  • Shipping Policy: Approximate shipping time is 3-12 business days.
  • Checkout options: PayPal, Master Card, GPay, Amex, Visa, JCB, Apple Pay.

Positive Highlights

  • Free shipping on all orders of $40 or over.
  • Email addresses are accessible.

Negative Highlights

  • Location and telephone number are not visible in the layout.
  • Positive reviews were found on the official site, but they can’t be relied on since there is no online platform that shares reviews.
  • Social media pages don’t give any information about the feedback they receive.

Are parker and rose legitimate ?

Parker as well as Rose are trustworthy and reliable sources for shopping. How can you be sure without investigating and confirming their authenticity? It is important to verify their legitimacy to ensure that fraudsters don’t sway you.

  • Domain registration: 25 June 2021 is Parker and Rose shop’s registration date. It has an 11 months life expectation.
  • trust score: Parker and Rose have an 8 percent trust rating. We can’t recommend this site because it has a low trust score.
  • Registerer:Tucows Domains Inc. Registers the Parker and Rose shop.
  • Buyer’s feedback The website has published Parker and Rose Reviews about their collections. However, some favorable reviews appeared on the official site.
  • Social media accounts We’ve seen accounts of Instagram or Facebook. But, no information of any significance were gathered from these websites.
  • Incorrect Data The owner of the site has only mentioned email addresses. They have not shared telephone numbers or address information.
  • policies:All the relevant customer policy on customer care are listed in their design. This indicates that buyers can consult their policies without difficulty.
  • Data Security: The website, Parker and Rose, use an HTTPS server. This means that the website makes use of secure measures to transfer information.

Parker and Rose Reviews

Parker and Ros shop have sent out an email, however, no information about the number or the location of the company were provided. We’ve looked at a few pages on social media sites however, they don’t provide any useful information. The official website contains positive reviews from clients, where customers have left comments about their products, however, it is difficult to trust them since the online websites do not have any reviews.

The website is not ranked well on Alexa. This makes it an untrustworthy site.

Final Verdict

To summarize this post in Parker and Rose Reviews the shop is expected to last a minimum of 11 months, which makes that it is a temporary site. The trust score isn’t acceptable and we cannot be sure of it.