According to one of the surveys conducted in 2023, the United States has witnessed solid growth in the hunting and trapping industry. In 2022, the market value of this industry was a staggering 848.3 million USD. Now, in 2023, this value has spurted further to an amount of 869.5 million USD. In the coming years, the industry is likely to have steady growth as the rise in popularity of hunting activities is encouraging the manufacturers to diversify their product portfolio for meeting all of the customers’ requirements for hunting apparel.

What are Hunting Apparel & Why do we need them – 

Hunting apparel, also referred to as hunting clothing, is specifically crafted to withstand varying weather conditions, ensure durability, and offer functionality during hunting activities. The apparel is designed with advanced features such as additional pockets for carrying hunting gear, and scent-masking fabric to remain undetected by animals. The clothing is tailored to allow for unrestricted movement, and its camo design is essential for remaining hidden and protected from harsh weather conditions while hunting.

The act of hunting has undergone a transformation with the advent of technological advancements such as HECS. HECS is a special technology that aims to prevent animals from detecting the hunter. It achieves this through the use of a highly conductive and interlocking carbon fiber grid that is specifically designed to block the hunter’s electrical energy radiation. The technology is woven into hunting camouflage and other garments, providing both optical and electrical concealment from the target, thereby offering enhanced protection and privacy during hunting expeditions.

It has been observed that animals have the ability to detect the electrical signature of humans. However, one can avoid being detected by wearing Calor base layers that are integrated with Heatwave technology. This advanced technology effectively masks the electrical signature and provides the added benefit of increasing the skin temperature by 15%. Not only does this provide warmth without adding any bulk, but it also ensures safety when coming into contact with animals.

Dress for the Occasion –

When embarking on a hunting excursion, it’s of utmost importance to prioritize your safety by taking appropriate precautions to shield yourself from potential dangers. Among the essential gear to have on hand is a high-quality hunting jacket which will afford you ample protection against the elements encompassing rain wind, and snow. Beyond keeping you warm and dry a hunting jacket will also serve as a barrier against scratches or cuts that may occur during your hunt. For an added layer of security for your upper body consider wearing a sturdy vest. Additionally investing in waterproof breathable textiles such as pants and bibs crafted from textiles designed for these conditions, will ensure your comfort and dryness even in the most inclement weather. Equipped with the right gear and preparedness, you can enjoy a secure and successful hunting expedition every time.

What’s Trending –

The demand for lead-free ammunition is steadily rising as consumers become increasingly aware of its detrimental effects on wildlife and water sources. This eco-conscious choice is leading many hunters to opt for alternatives to traditional lead ammunition. Moreover, there’s a growing availability of subsonic ammunition in the market. This specialized type of ammunition travels at a slower speed than the speed of sound, resulting in reduced noise during hunting, making it a preferred choice for those who prioritize stealth and discretion while in pursuit of game.

  • Camouflage clothing, rifles, bows, knives, gadgets, and other hunting equipment are in high demand due to recent advancements that enhance the hunting experience. The growing interest in hunting equipment has prompted manufacturers to develop new products to meet consumer needs.
  • Walker’s Game Ear, a pioneer in hearing protection for the shooting and hunting industries, has introduced the HD Pro Elite, a 20% smaller hearing protection device designed specifically for hunters. This device features four digital sound processing channels that deliver crisp and clear audio free of external interference. With a 20-bit audio processor, the sound produced is exceptionally clear and precise. 
  • The new Archer’s Choice Scouting Camera from Stealth Cam, a leader in scouting camera innovation, is now available. The Archer’s Choice Scouting Camera is small and easy to conceal in the woods, and features 640×480 digital video with audio (10-180 seconds) and an 8.0 megapixel still image that produces clear and crisp images. With a one-second trigger speed, it is capable of capturing moving games.

What does the future hold –

Based on the rise in hunting and fishing activities, growing revenue from the sales of hunting licenses for wildlife conservation, tourism industry expansion, and the increasing prevalence of lead-free ammunition to prevent water contamination, the hunting industry is anticipated to experience significant growth. Moreover, the industry’s continuous research and innovation for developing new designs and better ammunition efficiency, along with the rising environmental awareness for preserving the ecosystem, will have a positive impact on the environment. Overall, the hunting industry’s future looks promising.