If you’re looking for a good documentary to watch, Hulu is home to some of the best. From award-winning Oscar-nominated films to critically acclaimed originals, these documentaries will leave you inspired and entertained. Though, if you are not able to access Hulu in your region try changing your IP address through tricking the Hulu location.

This week, Hulu added to its impressive lineup with Liza Mandelup’s jaw-dropping Sundance documentary Jawline. It follows teen social influencer Austyn Tester as he grows up and becomes an Instagram icon within his community.


RBG, a documentary that won both the Audience Award and Grand Jury prize at the Sundance Film Festival this year, is a celebration of a feminist icon. Ruth Bader Ginsburg may not have been a household name in her day, but her work on the Supreme Court changed everything for women working in America.

She was the first Jewish woman on the Supreme Court and fought for equality in every way she could. Her story is not a happy one, but it is an inspiring one.

Whether you’re a fan of Ginsburg or not, this is a fascinating watch for anyone who has ever wanted to know more about her life. It’s a curious and captivating portrait that will inspire everyone to think about their own roles in gender inequality.

Victoria’s Secret: Angels and Demons

Hulu is launching its own Victoria’s Secret documentary series, called Angels and Demons, on July 14. The series will explore the brand’s rise and fall and its connection to convicted sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

Until it started losing its luster in the early 2010s, Victoria’s Secret was one of the most popular lingerie brands on the market. Its catalogs came in a flood, the ads were everywhere and the annual fashion show was a must-see event that outpaced award shows and sports.

But then it was exposed that VS founder and CEO Les Wexner had close ties to Epstein, who allegedly managed the billionaire’s money while recruiting models for his demented pleasure. It was a scandal that helped shut down Victoria’s Secret, which has since attempted to rebuild its brand and focus on inclusivity and body positivity.

Leave No Trace

Leave No Trace is an Oscar-nominated documentary that looks at the sex abuse cases surrounding the Boy Scouts of America. Its premiere is set for June 16th on Hulu.

The film follows the Oregon case that blew open decades of sexual abuse at BSA and its subsequent cover-ups. It also explores the organization’s sex-abuse “probation” system, which involved moving men accused of abuse from one troop to another.

In addition, the doc looks at the importance of preserving nature and the Seven Principles of Leave No Trace (LNT), which are designed to help preserve natural areas and protect wildlife habitats. These principles are based on conservation of a variety of outdoor spaces and activities, including hiking, camping, rock climbing and running.

Fyre Festival

Netflix and HBO Max are dominating the documentary game, but Hulu is slowly making a name for itself with originals of its own. Its latest offering is the Fyre Festival

The documentary tells the story of the infamous 2017 Fyre Festival, which was marketed as a luxurious music festival in the Bahamas. It promised luxury accommodations, exclusive performances and high-end food.

When attendees arrived, they were greeted with a tent city and half-built structures. They also found packaged food and a lack of entertainment.

After the event, a federal investigation into Fyre Media and its founder, Billy McFarland, resulted in numerous lawsuits against the company. In 2018, McFarland was sentenced to six years in prison for defrauding investors and ticket holders.

WeWork: Or The Making and Breaking of a $47 Billion Unicorn

WeWork: Or The Making and Breaking of a $47 Billion Unicorn digs into a story that might be outside many people’s periphery. It’s a fascinating – and unsettling – look at how a startup that once boasted an insanely high market valuation grew to be the biggest fail in the tech industry.

The film starts with Adam Neumann, who rose to become CEO of the co-working company WeWork. He was charismatic, a man with a seemingly unlimited vision who painted WeWork as the next big thing in workspace.

While he had lofty goals and an impressive business model, he was also a self-serving liar. The result was that WeWork’s investors were disappointed when Neumann didn’t act like a CEO who could manage a billion-dollar company.