Next month marks Hugo Boss’s first NFT collection and encounter with the Metaverse. The fashion company described its entry into the Metaverse as a crucial milestone in “refreshing” the brand internationally.

The NFT collection is set to debut in early November 2022 to encourage everyone to connect with and own their emotions, whether happy or sad and should embrace them as such. Freedom in expressing emotion can significantly improve mental health and overall well-being in the opinion of their project partner, Imaginary Ones.

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Hugo Boss NFT collection

Embrace Your Emotions (EYE) will be the collection’s title, featuring 1,001 NTFs with 3D animations. Each will feature one of six different characters—five symbolising joy, sadness, fear, anger, and love, which are all human emotions. A sixth extraordinary character will mix all five emotions to commemorate National Health Day on October 10.

This evidence-based mental health programme is currently offered to over 85,000 teens in 16 countries, allowing young teens aged 13 to 17 to learn about and explore the issue of mental health.

An allowlist will grant access to the HUGO x Imaginary Ones EYE collection and the ability to purchase the NFTs. Customers who buy a unique “phygital” T-shirt will be assigned 500 of the 1,000 allowlist places available. There will be 500 limited-edition T-shirts with a QR code connecting users to a Snapchat Lens to create a distinctive augmented reality effect.

From October 4 onwards, the remaining 500 allowlist slots will be granted to existing holders of the Imaginary Ones’ genesis NFT collection and through various activities on the Imaginary Ones’ Twitter and Discord platforms.

Further rewards for Hugo Boss NFT collection holders
Holders of the EYE NFT will enjoy a 10% discount valid for ten months at all Hugo Boss outlets globally. Furthermore, all holders will have access to Imaginary Ones’ staking ecosystem, which provides holders with a set of HUGO x 10 products, including wearables, experiences, and other content.