You may be excited about Christmas gifts now that Christmas is almost here. It’s here with Christmas gifts for its customers, pet simulator x. Sounds interesting? This gift may be of interest to you. Let’s take a look at what pet simulator x has made.

Many countries have pet simulators. Let’s find out more about Huge Christmas Cat Sim X.

What does Pet Simulator X mean?

Roblox is home to many different games. Pet simulatorx is just one of those games. It was designed by Big games Simulator in April 2018, The game’s theme is pets. Players will need to collect coins and jewels in order to win this game. They will need to use coins and jewels to buy eggs. The eggs can hatch into either dangerous or kind pets. You can make it more entertaining by using codes. These codes let you hold more diamonds, which allows you to have more pets. Learn more.

Huge Festive Cat Pet Sim X

Pet simulatorX was recently updated. Everyone is curious to find out more about the new version. This page will tell you all about the latest version of Pet simulator X. This update brings new currency, gifts as well as new eggs and pets. Santa has appeared in the game. You will receive random gifts, gingerbread, and diamonds. Update has brought forth four new eggs: three are the Jolly Egg, Gingerbread Egg, and Christmas Tree Eggs. The fourth and most intriguing is Huge Christmas Cat. This is Huge festive cat Sim x.

Latest pet simulator X codes

Pet simulator code x Codes will allow you to free collect diamonds. With diamonds, you can get as many pets as your heart desires. Unlocking the latest cat is the most important. This cat is a large Festive Cat. It will take more diamonds to hatch eggs. Additional features in the new version include: Twenty-three new pets; festive maps; Santa Paws; Giant Gingerbread Chest; and festive loot bags.

  • Active codes
  • Im2lucky: Three luck-boosting superluck boosters
  • Expired Coding
  • Super25k
  • alienpets.
  • Lucky50k

These codes are valid and expired. This was all about Huge Festive Cat Sim X. Pet Sim X can be enjoyed by everyone. You can play it to relax or if your weekend is busy.


These paragraphs cover all details regarding the latest version Pet simulator X. This update was the first Christmas update. A part 2 update may be released on 25 December.