This article will tell you about a gorgeous model who became successful at an early age. This article will keep you interested in Hoyeon Jung Siblings.

Are you a fan of your own Korean media industry? If so, Hoyeon Jung should not be a surprise to you. The Korean model has achieved heights of success at a young age. Countries such as those of the United States, Singapore, Philippines and Malaysia have millions of followers of this model who is just starting out.

Alongside other topics related to her, details of her family has also sparked interest. Presently, Hoyeon Jung Siblings are at the top of this list.

Who Is Hoyeon Jung?

Hoyeon Jung is a popular model in the world of fashion. She is a 27 year old Korean model with an astounding net worth at such a young age. Jung was born on June 23, 1994 in Seoul the capital of South Korea. There isn’t much information on her life as a person.

She began her career in the industry at an early age, and has since established herself as a popular model. She is currently ranked among the most sought-after models around the world. In our search for Hoyeon Jung’s Siblings we found out that she was ranked second in the fourth season of the reality show Korean’s Next Top Model.

General Specification

  • Profession: Acting, modeling and modeling
  • Debut Year: 2016
  • She is ranked 13th in the Korean models
  • Address: Seoul, South Korea
  • Age 27 years old
  • Hair Color: Bright Red (Not Natural)
  • Natural Hair Colour: Brown
  • Height 5 9 inches, 5 feet
  • Weight: No data avaialble
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Agencies: Esteem Models, The Society Management, Nomad Management, Saram Entertainment, Elite Model Management.
  • Social Media: Instagram and Facebook

Professional Life

Before we get to know more about Hoyeon Jung’s siblings, take a look at her professional life. Jung began her professional career in the age group of 16. She made her mark as a model in Seoul Fashion Weak without the aid of any agency.

2013 was the year she took part at the Korean version of Next Top Model and secured second third place. After that she was signed by her very first model agency Esteem Models. The agency began to feature her in numerous magazines and in various campaigns.

Her international debut was in 2016 with the brand Louis Vuitton. The model was featured on the front the pages Vogue Japan and Vogue Korea. In the past year, she has taken her professional career to the next step, by joining the TV industry through the Netflix’s Squid Game.

Details About Hoyeon Jung Siblings

As we’ve already said it is difficult to find any information about the family or life style of Hoyeon Jung however, we found out the fact that she is a mother to two sisters. One of them is her sister who’s instagram account is called mo___mi.

We do not have information on her sibling. We will update this information when we get it.

Concluding Thought

It is believed that Jung is extremely insecure about her family’s life, and she has not divulged details about her circle of friends. It’s why it’s not difficult to get much information on Hoyeon Jung’s family members. If you have new information or ideas for us, do contact us via the comments section without hesitation.