I like reading… I read books, informational blogs, newspapers, and sometimes magazines. The best informational blog I have ever read is called “How Long Does Last.” The website provides valuable information about the shelf life of just about everything.

I was looking for a certain product and decided to do some research online. There were some interesting facts that I learned from the site such as:

– For an egg, you need to keep it cold because eggs can last up to 7 weeks if their temperature is controlled.

– If you freeze cream, the best before date is around three months later.

– Honey can last forever – it’s ridiculous! I didn’t think something like that would last forever.

I could go on and on but I would rather not bore you! I’m just glad that there is a website out there like “How Long Does Last.”

So let me tell you in detail why I personally like this website.

Why “How Long Does Last” is Interesting?

People like me are always in search of information that is not only interesting but also gives you a benefit. So when I first started to read this blog ‘How Long Does Last” in a few glimpses I understand that this website has something really great.

The author of the website is Peter Jack who is a researcher and writing some really impressive and beneficial information about the shelf life of everything from cake to car.

You should give it a visit at least and you will know by yourself why I am praising that blog so much.

The reasons that I personally liked it are:

  • A large amount of content about shelf life
  • Have a team of experts who are specialists in their field like chef and pharmacist
  • The information is on the blog accurate and beneficial
  • They post regularly about new things

So this is a really great blog that I have found in my life. You should check it out because you might learn something interesting.

##About Author (Peter Jack)

Peter Jack

Although there is not a single author on that blog Peter Jack looks like an admin of the blog as he has the most articles.

He writes about food, tech, and home improvement as well.

What would be my Rating for “How Long Does Last?”

I would give it a five-star rating because I and my wife really like it.

I will definitely recommend this blog to all my friends and family! I really appreciate your articles, Peter Jack! Keep up the good work.

How did I find that Blog?

It was an accident. yes, I was searching for my business-related things and accidentally this blog caught my eye. First I thought that blog is related to my search somehow but later I realized that it was not.

I tried to leave the blog but their articles really impressed me so much that I couldn’t stop reading them. Now I don’t even remember what I was searching for.

I start reading in the morning when I get up, in the afternoon when I am back from work, and in the evening before going to bed. This blog is really addictive. Then I started to share the blog with my colleagues, friends, and wife as well. When I go somewhere, I open my laptop and start checking the blog.

This blog is really interesting! And you know what? Peter Jack’s detailed articles are still on my mind. Even when I am eating or sitting with friends I am thinking about some of his posts. It is that addictive.

What kind of Article does “How Long Does Last” has?

The author writes about food, tech, and home improvement as well. But the main theme is food where Peter Jack tells us not only how long does lasts but also how to make it fresh again or even for a longer time.


Lastly, I would strongly recommend that you should give at least one visit to that blog. I bet you will bookmark that blog and read it daily. If you have some thoughts on “How Long Does Last” then please share your experience in the comments.