No matter how small your home is, you will find that there is always space to create a playroom or play space for your child. This space that allows them to be free, creative, and nurtured all in one is achievable, and the great news is that it can be done on any budget. Creating this magical space may take a bit of planning, preparation, and creativity on your behalf. However, you will find that time invested in this project will be greatly rewarded. Getting the key elements right in any place space is what you should start prioritizing.

Have Plenty of Space for Creativity

All children need to have space to be creative, whether this is space to draw, read, paint, or write. You may want to feature an art or craft corner to give your child this much-needed space. This space may be full of their projects and the art materials that they love using. It may also be a place where they have an art easel or whiteboard to draw on. When your child has space for creativity, they can free their imagination.

Add a Quiet Corner or Space

Magical and nurturing spaces are not just about fun all of the time. You will often find that as your child or children get older, they appreciate quiet spaces just as much as creative ones. With this in mind, it is important to add a quiet space or corner into any playroom. This may be a space that is filled with bean bags and books. Or, it may be somewhere that features a tent or teepee that they can relax in. Quiet areas and spaces give your child time to reflect, and time to think about what they might like to play or do next.

Utilize Lighting

Playrooms need to be well-lit if they are to be fully utilized. Dark spaces are not always inviting or welcoming to children, so avoid this where you can. When you make spaces bright, and light with artificial lighting, or you utilize any natural light you have, you then encourage children to spend more time in the playroom you have created. You may find that softer lighting, such as twinkle lights, glow-in-the-dark lighting (in darker spaces), and borrowed light from other rooms, will work well.

Top Tip – Scour second-hand stores, and browse online marketplaces to pick up new (or nearly new) toys and items for the playroom. 

Let Your Child Decorate

As a parent or caregiver, you want to try and maintain control where you can. However, you will often find that this is not always the best thing to do. Try taking a step back, and give your child some control instead. Encourage them to be creative, and let them decorate a space in their playroom. They may want to have a go at painting a mural or a rainbow on a wall. Or, they may want to have fun with stickers. You give them ownership when you get your child or children involved with the playroom makeover. You also give them a chance to express themselves.

Install Flooring That is Easy to Clean

Playrooms can be hectic and chaotic places at times, and smaller children are busy having fun. You will notice that mess happens. To keep on top of the mess, it is important to focus on installing products that are easy to maintain and clean. For example, installing Play Mats that are wipeable and easy to clean is going to save you a lot of stress. You will be relieved when you can just brush up and even mop flooring at the end of the day. Carpets and rugs in any playspace can be a breeding ground for dirt and girls, and they can leave a space feeling unfunctional and unusable.

Focus on Organizing Along the Way

To nurture your child or children, you want to ensure you have access to the right toys at the right time. Focusing on organizing is therefore going to be something of high importance within your project. When your child can easily find the toy or item they want to play with, you will find there will be less frustration. This will then mean there are fewer tantrums. As soon as you can, you need to look at utilizing storage tubs and even looking at creative storage ideas that allow you to organize – even after a long play day quickly.

Top Tip – Why not have a space for music and dancing if you can? Children love to dance and move as much as they can. A disco ball and twinkle lights can create an awesome atmosphere for even the tiniest of dancers.

Add Pops of Color

Playrooms that feature pops of color are often seen as more magical. Don’t be afraid to leave the pastels behind; reach for the bright colors. When a space or room is bright, it feels happier and it feels more enticing. If you don’t want to apply color to all of the walls, then why not add pops of color in the soft furnishings or in the artwork you hang? Bright artwork and craft projects that your child or children have created often look awesome if they are framed and hung on the walls.

Top Tip – Make sure your child is involved with the playroom makeover or creation where you can. Allow them to make choices and decisions.

Have Plenty of Places to Sit

Even though children like to be on the move, and on the go a lot, you will still find that seating is important. From small table and chair sets to bean bags and floor cushions, seating is important. If you have a TV or tablet that your child uses in the playroom, then you will find that comfortable seating is crucial. Having mini-sized furniture in a playroom or playspace makes the room feel more appropriate and suitable for the little ones in your life.