In this blog, we will try to illustrate the stepwise procedure of checking your trademark’s status at the portal of the trademark registry. The registration of a trademark in India is a hundred percent online process and entirely transparent. At the portal, you would find the full details of any trademark application that is under registration or about registered trademarks. 

Besides the current status of the trademark, you would also find everything that has been submitted during the course of tm registration in India and communications from the registrar of the trademark’s office. The first step is to log in to the official website as given above. The next step is to locate a trademark in the main menu on the home page. Under the main menu ‘trademarks,’ you would be able to see an option in the dropdown sub-menu as ‘related link’ after that, another menu will pop up showing the option as ‘trademark status’ below image would clarify the proper method. Before going ahead, one thing you should keep in mind is that it is essential to carry out the process of TM registration in India.

Home>Trademark>Related Link>Trademark Status.

While you click on the link trademark status, a security pop-up would emerge, prompting you to accept ‘you are about to direct to an external website. Click OK to go forward.’ Click YES. It would later take you to the E register & application status page of the trademark registry, which is updated in real-time with every act of stakeholders, like the trademark attorney, applicant and the government authorities.

On the E register & application status page of the trademark’s registry India, you would find five options on the left side menu; click on the tab trademark application/ registered mark as given in the above picture. When you click on it, it will direct you to a third screen where you can search the E register based on either national or IRDI number or international registration number; for an Indian trademark application, we require you to choose a national or IRDI number.

On the next screen, you are required to enter the trademark application number and captcha, and it would direct you to the E register of the trademark.

Once you are done with the submission request, the next page would display the relevant trademark, and the application number will be the link to the E register.

A trademark is a sui generis mark or sign that demonstrates a business, and it is used to differentiate and identify a company from another and build its credibility among the consumers. Clients should recognize all the IP (intellectual property) rights in the form of trademark and register every mark, label, brand name, product name, punchline, logo, and domain names as the trademark in India for an efficient and adequate remedy in case of unauthorized and misuse by any other person or third-party. It becomes pertinent to seek advice or assistance from experts and apply for trademark registration in India.  

According to one estimation, generally, it takes up to at least 13 months to obtain your trademark registered at trademark registry after the submission of trademark application in India. In this duration, your trademark application goes through the several stages, and you can check and verify the status of which will be represented on the official website. 

Every time the trademark status is updated against your application number, it would display the stage at which your application has reached as a part of showcasing the timeline for trademark registration process. It becomes extremely crucial for you to know the status of your trademark application as several stages of a trademark application prompt you to take some necessary actions depending up on the circumstances. It is also essential to keep an eye on your trademark status from time to time to check its status and to know whether it has been removed, or withdrawn, or abandoned, registered, opposed, accepted and advertised, refused, advertised before accepted, refused, objected, marked for exam, exam report issued and accepted. 

That’s why it is your responsibility to check the status of your trademark application in India as not only it provides the prestige to your brand and company and protects the brand.