The Caribbean is considered a paradise for aspiring medical students. The place is gaining popularity as a perfect destination to study medicine abroad amongst international students. With a distinct cultural identity and rich history, the Caribbean comprises around 60 medical schools on its different islands. Many ambitious students from across the world come to the Caribbean to study medicine offshore. The cost of living and Caribbean medical school cost are significant reasons behind the attraction of a large chunk of international students.

In addition to these perks, students with lower GPA and MCAT scores can make it to top medical schools of the Caribbean. Every year, thousands of aspiring students come to the Caribbean with the hope of becoming successful doctors from an accredited medical school. Many medical schools in the Caribbean hold the record for placing over 90 percent of students in the US residency programs.

A quick look at the living accommodation in the Caribbean

The Caribbean is no different from your home country. However, living accommodation in the Caribbean is different from rest. Students preferring studying in the accredited colleges of the Caribbean must prepare themselves to face the changes. Notably, studying and living in the Caribbean is relatively cheap than in the US, Canada and Europe.

As the Caribbean is new and alien to many foreign national students who land there to earn a medical degree, some prestigious medical schools offer dormitories to first-semester students. These dormitories owned by the universities’ residents provide the facilities such as air-conditioning, refrigerators and microwaves. However, students are required to make the payment for the room upon arrival. Mainly the dormitory management collects the fees for rooms.

What is the rate of a dormitory in Caribbean medical schools?

Usually, the dormitory rates in the top Caribbean medical schools are listed below:

  • USD 2,450 for Hillside Dorm Single
  • USD 150 for Hillside Dorm Security Deposit
  • USD 150 for Hillside Dorm Fuel charge
  • USD 200 for Hillside Dorm Water charge

Students are always advised to go through universities’ norms and regulations before booking a dormitory for them. After the first semester, students can rent a room or stay in a hostel outside the medical school campuses. On average, a student has to pay around USD 700-USD 1000 for a fully furnished one-bedroom flat in the Caribbean. They can also stay in a shared room with other classmates. Two students sharing a room have to spend around a minimum of USD 600 per month. Additionally, students have to pay USD 200-USD 350 on average for essential utilities. Apart from these, the students in the Caribbean enjoy a luxurious lifestyle at less expense.

Amidst the rising competition among students to become a doctor in some top medical schools of the US and Canada, the Caribbean acts as the best launchpad for students with average medical entrance examinations scores. Thus, enrolling in the top medical schools of the Caribbean can make your dream come true at fewer tuition fees and cost of living. Apply for the program today!


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