The Europa League is the second most prestigious tournament in the Old World. Teams from dozens of championships play in it. You can find out the footbal result of the matches of this tournament on the sports statistics website.

In 2013, “Benfica” and “Chelsea” met in the decisive match of this tournament. The lineup of the finalists was unexpected. There was a clear favorite in this match – the London club. However, it was obvious to everyone that “Chelsea” won’t have an easy game.

“The Blues” opened the score in the game only in the second half thanks to the efforts of Fernando Torres. After 8 minutes “Benfica” equalized. Oscar Cardoso scored. The match continued like that. It seemed that overtime was inevitable. However, in the added time the Blues’ defender Branislav Ivanovic scored after a corner kick. That way he set the final score – 2-1 in favor of “Chelsea”.

If you are still following the result of all football games involving this team today, check the sports statistics website for up-to-date information about them. That victory was important for the team from a moral point of view. The campaign did not start well, but “The Blues” managed to change the course of the game. 

What helped “Chelsea” win the Europa League?

“Chelsea” was initially the tournament favorite, so the team just proved in practice its superiority. At the crucial moment, the Blues’ players were able to gain momentum and win such an important trophy for them. If you would like to know what the football tomorrow will be and how “Chelsea” will play, open the proven platform. 

Some of the factors of Chelsea’s success include:

  1. The great experience of the leaders. “Chelsea” had quite a few veterans such as John Terry, Frank Lampard, Petr Čech. They interacted perfectly. Due to this the team had a well-coordinated match. There were virtually no mistakes or misfires in the players’ actions.
  2. Brilliant performances by the leaders. Fernando Torres, Juan Mata, as well as a number of other players played a great match. It helped the team to triumph in the end.
  3. Good decisions by the coach. Rafael Benitez who briefly managed “Chelsea” at the time was able to set up his players for the decisive game. His substitutions helped refresh the game. All this led to the fact that the team managed to win the trophy.

“Chelsea” was better throughout almost the entire game and quite logically proved its superiority. That is why the team was able to gain the trophy.

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