One of your first chances to leave an impact on your audience is in your Social Media bio. A compelling bio can influence a user’s decision to follow you. More followers can result in greater reach and more chances for collaboration. However, they should be something other than your primary concern. Even a group of like-minded people could form out of your following.

We’ve compiled Social Media bio for Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, to help you and your brand present yourself in the best possible light.

Why is a strong Social Media bio important?

Typically, a person will look at your Social Media bio right after finding your account and because of this, having a detailed and interesting profile is essential. You should still complete your Social Media bios even if you solely run Social Media posts (ads) and don’t publish any organic content. A strong bio is similar to a storefront because it can encourage trust in prospective buyers unfamiliar with the company.

Finally, bios for Social Media are SEO-optimised (for most Social Media platforms). This implies that the keywords you use in your bio can aid in discovering your account through both broad online search engines and in-app searches.

Here is the essential information that all of your Social Media bios should have, regardless of whether you represent a brand or you are a creator (adjusted for character space):

  • Your identity
  • What do you supply, do, or sell
  • Where is your company located
  • Your business category or interests (for personal brands)
  • How to be contacted by someone
  • Your web page
  • Demand for action

Instagram bios

One hundred fifty characters are allotted.

Your Instagram bio, whether you have a business or a personal brand, should inspire visitors to your profile to take action, whether it be clicking on the link in your bio, looking at your items, going to your physical location, or just following your account.

Inventive influencers and content producers can be creative with their Instagram bios regarding personal brands. The extra information businesses and organisations must provide in their Instagram bios includes branded hashtags, store hours or locations, and other brand accounts. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be creative and artsy!

These Instagram VIP Bio templates and samples can provide ideas if you’re trying to polish the bio for a personal or professional account.

Facebook bios

Character limit: 50,000 characters, or approximately 255 characters (Additional Info)

The biography for Facebook Pages may be found in the ‘About’ section under the ‘Home’ page (in its separate tab). You must fill out a few fields on Facebook, including a description box, links to other Social Media profiles, your website and contact information. Filling out all the details is crucial because Facebook is sometimes the first place a buyer looks for information about your company.

Here is some Bio for Facebook suggestions to help you start with the About and Additional Info sections, even though most fields will be easy to fill.

LinkedIn bios

The bio parts for personal branding and business profiles are generally the same on other Social Media sites, but it is different for LinkedIn.

Your bio appears in your profile’s ‘Summary’ section for personal accounts. The biography is the ‘About’ section of the company page for businesses. 


This blog can be used as a guide to writing trendy Social Media bios for yourself or a business you’re associated with.