The sales industry is so diverse that you can land a career in various roles, levels, and organizations. In fact, you can deal directly with potential customers or businesses when selling products, close deals in-person or over the phone, focus on finding leads, or even sell exclusively to different multi-level organizations. In short, your job options are virtually endless.

But regardless if you’re a seasoned salesperson or looking to break into the sales development role, one thing’s for certain. And that is to have a compelling CV to capture the attention of your prospective employer.

So we invite you to continue reading as we will share some tips on how to write a CV for a sales job that will close the deal and grab the desired position that you want to have.

Include Relevant Details

As a sales aspirant, you can make your CV stand out among the rest by including relevant information about the job you are applying for. For instance, being very particular with the statements you write down really matters as “able to managed a sales team” is hugely different from “able to managed a sales team of 5 senior sales representatives who produced a combined amount of $______ in the year ____.”

Have An Eye-Catching Format

Make your CV neat and professional-looking as possible. In short, avoid overusing flashy elements that can distract the employer from appreciating the substance of the content. And keep the use of colors to a minimum just enough to highlight your previous career achievements and emphasize your impressive sales skills.

Underscore Numbers And Figures

To secure your dream sales job, you also need to quantify results with facts and stats in your CV. In particular, you have to focus on details like the total revenue you have generated as well as the target percentage you were able to hit over a specific period.

These numbers and figures are essential as employers will surely be checking on these details upon scanning your CV.

Sprinkle Some Buzz Words

While it’s always recommended to avoid boring clichés in your CV, using a sales-focused buzz word or 2 can make your sales CV more interesting to employers and interviewers because you’re actually including something they want to see or hear. In short, using words like “networking”, “cold calling”, “lead generation”, or “new business acquisition”, just to name a few, can get you noticed a bring you a step closer to your dream job.

Free From Grammatical Errors

Finally, grammar and spelling errors are clearly instant turn-offs for most (if not, all) employers. So it is something you need to avoid at all costs. Hence, you need to proofread your CV and go over it again and again until you are definitely sure that it is 100% error-free.

And if possible, don’t hesitate to ask the help of a sales recruiter as they can guide you in making the best sales CV and lead you to the job you want to grab. It’s always a good idea to partner with these professionals as they can also customize your CV so it will be appropriate for the position you are applying for.

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