Rose gold. The name itself turns lots of guys away because it doesn’t sound manly enough. Rose? Nah, man, I’m not wearing that. Well, if that’s you, you need to get over that bull right now and open those insular eyes. 

We’re rose gold advocates for a number of reasons, but chief among them: The look is cool, it’s fashionable and rose gold ain’t going anywhere anytime soon. It’s simply a fact that rose gold is practically omnipresent in the fashion world, and it’s here to stay. 

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So whether you’re on the hunt for unique wedding rings for men or you’re looking for a fresh new watch, chances are this popular metal is gonna make its presence known. It’s high time you detach from whatever faulty idea of masculinity you might be rocking and let rose gold take your fashion game to new heights. 

Let’s explore how guys can successfully incorporate rose gold into their style game. But first, some rose gold basics…

What Is Rose Gold, Anyway? 

If yellow gold glows like the sun on a cloudless day, rose gold is a lovely summer sunset with warm pink hues dominating the horizon. Doesn’t sound so bad, does it? 

But how do you slip hints of pink into your standard, lustrous yellow gold? Well, you just add a fairly large dose of copper and a splash of silver, dummy. Your standard rose gold recipe, according to world-renowned auction house Sotheby’s, calls for three-quarters gold, a shade under 23 percent copper and then that dash of silver. A bumped up copper quotient leads to more vibrant pinks. Sotheby’s credits Carl Fabergé — perhaps the name doesn’t ring a bell, but you know his “Imperial Eggs” — as one of rose gold’s prominent early adherents. 

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So if you’re among the many happy dudes strutting around with a fresh-as-hell rose gold wedding band on his finger, you might want to toss a little gratitude toward OG rose gold jeweler Carl Fabergé.

Rose Gold Pairs Well with Just About Everything, But…

It truly isn’t an exaggeration to say that rose gold looks good alongside just about everything. You’ll find fashionistas the world over rocking rose gold alongside every color under the sun. But this is a guide for men, and we find that rose gold cuts an especially handsome contrast when paired with dark colors: navy blues, charcoal, blacks. 

Going with the rose gold contrast against dark neutrals is also perhaps the right move for those guys out there who can’t shake feeling the pink-hued gold isn’t quite manly enough. Rose gold with a bold neutral backdrop simply exudes confidence.   

Now we should say that if you have this concern, we strongly encourage you to get over it. Easier said than done — we understand that. But you need to understand something, too: There’s nothing manlier than strutting through your days without spending a big chunk of your time thinking about how others might be perceiving you.  

Wedding Bands Never Clash 

As a rule, you absolutely never, ever, ever — EVER — need to worry about whether your wedding band goes with anything else. And that’s the case for wedding bands of all hues and all materials. It’s simply a tenet of the fashion world. Your wedding band gets a free pass. The story goes that one day, the overlords of fashion decreed that because you’re supposed to wear them day in, day out for eternity, your wedding gets a free pass that never expires. Of course, we’re kidding around with the bit about the fashion overlords, but the sentiment is indeed true. You don’t need to worry about finding outfits/other jewelry combos that complement your wedding band because wedding bands go with everything. 

Not to say that you’d ever find something that would truly clash with rose gold men’s wedding bands anyway.  

What About Rose Gold Alongside Other Metals? 

I think you probably get the point by now, but rose gold is basically as versatile as it gets. Want to rock a rose gold chain and a silver ring? No problem at all, good sir. Or maybe you want to go with a couple of chains, like one white gold, the other rose gold? Wanna know whether that would fly? YOU KNOW THE ANSWER. 

Rose gold pairs well with white gold, yellow gold, platinum, etc. 

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Perhaps this whole business just seems like rose gold propaganda. Sorry if that’s the case. But it’s simply true that rose gold is kind of like the LeBron James of jewelry: it’s a great teammate that amplifies the best attributes of everything that rides along with it. 

So, gentlemen, don’t hold back because you think gold with a hint of pink isn’t beastly enough for your beastly ass. Because the bottom line on rose gold is this: It’s a handsome metal that looks good everywhere it goes.