In the past, people might wear watches only to have the best schedule with their time, but things are different now. We don’t just wear watches to see the time now. We want more in them to make us look classy and stylish. Pocket watches are taking the highest place in this case, and they can really mix up the classic look with time very easily. So if you want to make this look sharper, you need to know how to wear your pocket watch with chain.

So many people still don’t know how they should wear a pocket with style even if they want to do it with elegance now. Although the designs and the features have been added to the pocket watch, the way we wear it has remained the same until now.

The most usual and the classical way that you can have a pocket watch with a chain is to settle it at the end of the chain in the waistcoat pocket of the user. The fob of your watch must pass the buttonholes from the middle, and at the next step, it should terminate the other side in a pocket. But know that there are different types of pocket watch chains available now, and the sole purpose for wearing such a thing is to attach the watch safely for us with clothing.

Pocket Watch Chain Types

We can mainly take three types of chains as follows.

  • Belt bar – this can be adjusted with a belt, as you see in the name. And it can slide into your belt or the top of your trousers. So it will manage to place your watch more securely with a pocket and also grants an excellent classic look for you.
  • T Bar Chains – this will be paired well with a jacket or a waistcoat, and the bar will be placed with the buttonhole. So you will be able to attack your pocket for the other end from your side pocket or in the breast.
  • Bolt Ring – this is also a classic belt loop and bolt ring going to be attached to the trouser belt. So it can place your watch in your pockets.

Wearing a Pocket Watch with Chain for a Formal Event

If you attend a wedding or some kind of formal event, it will be very good to wear a pocket watch with a chain to add more class to your look, and it can make you a quick formal ensemble. It is a great way to take the look of yourself to the next level, and you might be the groom or a person who attends the wedding. It doesn’t matter. A pocket watch with a chain will always manage to give you a better impression than anything.

Wearing a Pocket Watch in a Suit

A good pocket watch with a chain is a great pair to be mixed with a shirt and a waistcoat because it adds more formality to your look. The image you create here is a great impression and will make you more respectable at special events and work parties.

Sometimes, you don’t have the capacity to wear a three-piece suit to the event you go to. But don’t worry about finding a method to attach the pocket watch chain here because you can attach it to the button holes of your jacket. And it will make the watch slip-free with your jacket. If not, you can use a belt loop chain that gives you the chance to attack the pocket watch with the trouser belt loop. 

Jeans and Wearing a Pocket Watch 

If you want to carry a pocket watch with you but still don’t want to dress up heavily with all those jackets and vests, they can do it with their jeans. You can slide this watch to the front, and then it makes it easy to attack its chain towards the jean or belt with the use of your belt slide. If not, you can utilize a bolt ring here with a shorter forb or a chain on the belt loop.

The chain here can be hung in two different ways. Either you can hand it from underneath the belt or from the loop. It is more suitable to use the pocket opposite your dominant hand because it makes it easier to check the time. Suppose you are a button-down short in here. Then loop your chain from the lower buttons. If you use a small pocket watch with you, it will not be hard to place it inside the pocket as it makes it way easier to hold. After all, that side pocket is always there to hold a pocket watch, so it should definitely fit onto your timepiece.

Pocket Watch with Blazer

This is the most common way of wearing a pocket watch, and you can attach one end of your chain to the buttonhole. So you will be able to place it in the breast pocket. This is a very smart way that you can add the best look to your suit with that pocket square and the lapel pin. So whatever the formal event or a wedding, this look will work perfectly for you all.

If you wear a blazer, you can pull a T bar from the front buttonhole. So it makes way to place the pocket watch with those front pockets.


So if you are struggling to find a way to wear a pocket watch in the right way with more class, here are your chances. Whatever your situation, it might be a change, but know that a pocket watch with a chain is always a great idea to add a glamorous look to your image. It may be worn to secure your watch and easily check the time. But adding a more classical look to your image is always a great solution.