Smoking vs. Vaping

As times have advanced, there has been much change around us, observable in the everyday little things. Nobody in the later part of the 20th century thought that smoking a cigarette would make the users curious enough to come up with newer, safer methods, but here we are, with the invention of vaping.

Still, the larger majority of people choose to use conventional cigarettes that have been used for many years. What makes a user decide if they want to switch from cigarette smoking to vapes? This question can be answered from various angles, all subjective. As people discover the latest vape selection, they understand the technique better and familiarize themselves with the modern smoking method.

Vape mods come in various sizes and shapes, with many featuring creative or aesthetic aspects that allow the owner to express themselves – similar to a flask or cigarette case from the past.

The years-old practice of holding and feeling a cigarette in one’s hand is a part of the whole smoking experience as inhaling the substance for people who prefer e-cigarettes. Could it have something to do with cigarettes having a certain aesthetic appeal? Possibly. But who came up with the idea of using a vape?

The answer lies in the tragic story of how Hon Lik, who was a pharmacist, lost his father due to one of the many evils of smoking: lung cancer. This event made Lik set out to produce electronic cigarettes. He developed an electronic cigarette that delivered nicotine (the most addictive element) to the user’s body, without the other several potentially dangerous compounds inherent in tobacco smoke. His design was not only acknowledged greatly in his home country, China, but all over the world.

Vape systems are also known as mods. Users can change the liquid, heat, and vapor levels with dials. What happens when a vape tank’s juice is all used up? People can add more e-liquid in the new flavor and nicotine strength of their choice to the vape tank.

How can These Flavors be Used?

E-liquid contains a variety of components, the flavor being a really important one. Nicotine and other additives and chemicals are usually present in vape liquids. There are several models to choose from:

  1. Vape pens: As obvious from the name, they are shaped like a pen. These contain a tank to hold e-liquid, batteries, and coils. The coils are changeable and batteries chargeable.
  2. Cigalikes: They look like tobacco cigarettes and are available in disposable and recharged forms.
  3. Pod systems: These are rechargeable gadgets with e-liquid compartments that look like small pebbles.
  4. Mods: These options are versatile and come in various sizes and shapes. Mods are the strongest e-cigarette gadgets. They have rechargeable and durable batteries.

You can use these options to experience the different flavors of liquid available in the market.

Is Using Vapes a Good Idea?

We already know that an electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) is a device that lets you draw in nicotine in the form of a vapor. When you vape, you inhale the vapor, not smoke.

Why do we constantly find people switching from smoking cigarettes to vaping? Maybe because the latter technique does not emit carbon monoxide (CO), which is an extremely harmful chemical of tobacco smoke.

Vapes function safely by heating a liquid. The liquid is usually flavored and contains nicotine, glycerine, and propylene glycol.

The Latest in The Market!

Finding the perfect e-juice taste might seem like an impossible challenge, but at least the process ends in discovering a range of wonderful flavors, which is a bonus! If you start making a list of these flavors, you will find out they range from juicy fruits and sweet flavors to cocktail and cereal-inspired flavors.

Taste in e-liquid is very subjective, as everybody will give you a slightly different answer. You might have concluded your favorite, but you might encounter someone with a different opinion and recommend you a completely different flavor.

To cut through the hype and compile a thorough list of the top vape juice flavors available, you can ask around amongst your friends or try some for yourself.

Candy, bubblegum, and more varieties of vape juice are available. Strawberry is the most traditional flavor in the lineup, but it also shines. The strawberry flavor is sweet and authentic, good enough to be noticed when inhaled but not so much that it feels too overwhelming.

Choosing the finest vape juice tastes is similar to selecting the best food around town. No matter how objective one tries to be, there will always be some element of personal bias in their decision.

So, while there isn’t a comprehensive list, it’s good to start looking for some of the most popular vape juice on the market, especially if you find something that sounds good to you!

Let’s Cut to The Chase!

Because it is our generation’s new cool thing, vaping has grown extremely popular among teenagers and young adults worldwide. Vaping is becoming as popular as cigarettes were in the second half of the 20th century. Like other trending things, Vaping now has an element of aesthetic attached to it. Vaping is also seen as a safer alternative to smoking regular cigarettes by the majority of the people who use it.

E-cigarettes have helped thousands of people around the world quit smoking successfully. It really works, and there is plenty of evidence for it.

It is possible to lessen one’s nicotine dependence by switching to an e-cigarette. This is helpful as long as people are vigilant about the frequency of use of these devices. People who quit smoking using e-cigarettes have better chances of succeeding than those who stick to cigarettes, so it is better to transition into vaping slowly.