Overview of WoW raids in the Shadowlands add-on. How to quickly dress up in a new raid using boosting services.Getting rare items, maunts, and transmogs.

What is raid boosting service in the game World of Warcraft

With each addon to World of Warcraft there are more and more raids and dungeons, which are an integral part of the gameplay. When completing them, you can get good equipment, rare achievements, transport for movement and game currency. Raids in WoW are divided into four difficulty levels. And at higher difficulties, when guilds are just getting acquainted with the mechanics, the number of attempts can number in the tens or even hundreds.

Such raids require experienced players, great coordination and solid knowledge of the boss mechanics. But then what’s a newcomer or inexperienced player to do? In this case, getting rare achievements, wearing the best equipment, and knocking out the muunts will help raid boosting service.

How the boosting system works

Before you can use WoW raid carry, you need to find a safe site. To do this, you can use the search engine, read the reviews and guarantees offered by the boosters. After that, it is necessary to choose a specific raid in the order. In addition to the fact that boosters will help clean up the entire raid, you can also choose additional services:

  • order traders who will give you their loot from the bosses;
  • choose to kill only specific bosses from which you need loot;
  • share an account so that another person can play instead of you;
  • order the completion of the “Glory of the Raider” achievement.

After confirming your order WoW raids, you need to enter the game on the appointed day. The assembled group of 20+ people will add you to the raid and begin the walkthrough. According to the rules of the game, you don’t have to survive until you kill the boss. It’s enough to just hit once and you can die so you don’t interfere with other raiders in properly executing the mechanics. At the end, dead warriors will be resurrected and you will be able to retrieve the killed boss.

Raid carry service cost

The boosting service is not free, as more than 20 people will kill bosses in a raid for several hours to help you complete your tasks. The cost varies from site to site. It’s best not to choose a site where it’s very cheap. You run the risk of getting scammers or an inexperienced team that will spend more time on the task than planned.

The price also differs depending on the selected services. Mythic raid is the most expensive, but it has the most valuable rewards with high item levels and rare mounts that are not available in any other difficulty. Many boosters offer the mythic months after the patch is released, as this difficulty is demanding on the mechanics and level of items worn on raiders.

With the release of the patch almost immediately you can order Normal and Heroic raids. Their complexity is noticeably easier than Mythic. Inside, too, you can loot some mounts, get achievements, get items for transmog or put on your character.


With the release of each WoW expansion, boosting services become relevant. Old players return to the game, and more newcomers appear. And all of them need to get good equipment in order to beat the high-level content. Many of them order boosting in order to quickly dress and boost up the character. Soon a new raid Sepulcher of the First Ones will appear in World of Warcraft, where the heroes of the Azeroth will meet with the main antagonist of the add-on and try to stop him.