Are you looking to restructure your content? Well, transcription could be your answer. If your company is starting out, your marketing budget might be tight. One way to get more mileage out of your content without breaking the bank is by using transcription services. The service will turn your written text into an audio format so you can publish it as a podcast or video blog.

This doesn’t mean that you have to start with the new content from scratch. You can use the transcription service to create any repurposed content, and they’ll provide you with a transcript as well, so it will look like your original work. Here’s how to use transcription services in repurposing your content.

Use a human transcriber

A transcription service will use specialized software that converts your content into a digital file. If you go with a transcriber, you will want to hire someone very familiar and comfortable with conducting transcriptions. A human transcriber can make a difference in how well the transcriptions turn out.

Use one or two transcription services to create repurposed content

You will want to start with a transcription service that has already created high-quality transcripts for other authors and clients. They can follow instructions and edit things where they need more work before releasing the final product.

The speed at which they can turn out finished transcribed documents is something you should consider as well because there’s always some risk involved when using an online service. It’s a lot harder for an online provider to create attractive work quickly when compared to an experienced professional.

If you choose to use a transcriber that has a good reputation, chances are you won’t even need to do much hiring on your end. That is because they will have already gone through all the necessary steps of creating consistent and professional-looking documents in the first place.

Reduce the amount of repetition

Re-using your content is excellent for saving time, but you always have to be aware of how repetitive your blog posts are becoming. When your blog post is more than a few sentences, the chances are that most of the topics in each section could be recapped in their post with only minor changes.

If they are too similar, then having a transcription service will help you make the necessary changes without you having to go through every post by hand.

Target harder with more precision

If you publish a podcast, then having transcription services will open up avenues for you that would not be possible otherwise. Many companies and organizations find podcasts very effective in advertising their products and bringing in leads.

If you’re a marketplace specializing in products related to your niche, then you may find that the difference between a lead and a sale can easily be made by having the transcription blog service transcribe your podcast. A transcription service will make it easier for you to target your audience as it can provide more information about who is listening to what for which date and time.

It also makes it easier for you to create more targeted ads, especially when you want to do some cross-marketing and see what’s working or not working with specific keywords.

Increase conversion rates

Many companies use transcripts as part of their marketing strategies because they know they are an effective way of converting leads into sales. Transcription services will make it easy for you to define how well the podcast is doing with regard to converting leads into sales.

You’ll be able to see how many sales are coming from what type of segment of customers, enabling you to make adjustments. It is important as you’ll want to deliver the right kind of content to your audience to encourage them to convert their leads into sales.


Using a transcription service will make your job easier in various ways, especially when it comes to increasing the efficiency of your content, increasing the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, and making sure that you’re connecting with the right kind of people. Rather than sending out lots of different notes and messages that might not reach the right audience, you can rely on a transcription service to help you do what you want to do more effectively.