The Moulinex Air fryer is a kitchen appliance that cooks food using air circulation technology. It helps you cut down on your oil intake by cooking with little or no added fat, which makes it an excellent choice for those trying to eat healthier. 

You can cook almost anything in it: fries, chicken wings, and drumsticks, burgers, and sausages – even desserts! 

This article will help you learn more about the different features of this machine so that you’ll be able to use it correctly every time.

Steps on How to Use the Moulinex Air fryer:

1. Place the tray rack into its position inside the fryer’s body, then place the drip tray underneath it. Some models come with two racks so that you can cook more than one thing at once.

2. Preheat your machine by pressing and holding down both preheating buttons (located beside each other) for three to five minutes; this will generally depend on what your recipe requires. The light indicator should change color or turn off, indicating that your fryer is now ready to use.

3. Oil your food using a cooking spray before placing them in the fryer basket – this will prevent food from sticking to the basket.

4. Place your food items into the fryer basket and close it shut. If you are cooking something big, like a whole chicken breast, there may be special tongs available for this purpose so that you can avoid having to touch your meat with your bare hands – which can contaminate it with bacteria.

5. Wait 30 minutes or so before retrieving your food from the fryer – some foods cook more quickly than others. If necessary, use tongs or gloves, then serve on a plate or tray once they’re done cooking.

Tips on How to Fry Food in the best air fryer 2022 :

1. Make sure that what you are frying is cut into smaller pieces first, especially if it’s something like potato chips. This will help the food cook more evenly.

2. Adjust your cooking time according to what you are frying; for example, poultry should be cooked for 90 minutes, while fish usually take around 45 minutes to finish cooking.

3. If possible, don’t place potatoes or other hard vegetables into the fryer basket since they might break apart once you try removing them – instead, put them directly onto a rack inside the fryer and use tongs to remove them when they’re done cooking.

4. To prevent oil from splattering out of your machine during frying, simply lay a sheet of aluminum foil over whatever you’re frying, then secure it firmly in place with the fryer’s lid.

5. You can also use a cooking oil spray to eliminate the need for adding more fat – be careful not to overuse it since you might end up using more than what your recipe calls for. It’s better to spray only once before putting food into the fryer, then let them cook undisturbed. Only open your fryer when you need to check on your food or retrieve them from their containers.

6. If there are signs of overheating, like smoke coming out of your machine, unplug it immediately and contact customer service for advice on how to resolve this problem.


The Moulinex Air fryer is a simple yet versatile kitchen appliance that lets you cook healthier by using little to no added fat. With just a push of a button, it can fry onions, fish, chicken wings, and even desserts!


Is the Moulinex air fryer easy to use?

The air fryer is easy to use. You just have to follow the instructions, and you would be good to go. 

What is the best way to cook french fries using a Moulinex air fryer?

Cooking French fries in an air fryer is pretty much the same as frying them on a pan. However, I would say that adding some salt before putting them into the fryer will give it a nice flavor. 

How do you reset a Moulinex Air Fryer? 

To reset your machine, make sure it’s turned off or unplugged from its power source. Press and hold the “on/off” button for 3 seconds to restart your machine. 

How do you reset a Moulinex Air Fryer 1400-wp00? 

To reset your machine, make sure it’s turned off or unplugged from its power source. Press and hold the “on/off” button for 3 seconds to restart your machine. 

What food can you cook in a Moulinex Air Fryer? 

You can actually cook almost anything with an air fryer. However, if you are looking to bake something, I would recommend using it as a convection oven instead of a fryer. You will still have crispy results!