E-commerce analytics is the method to track all the areas that put an impact on your e-commerce business. Then you can use this collectible data to understand your customer’s shopping behavior and to identify the latest market trends to keep your business stay ahead in the market competition. E-commerce analytics can help you to make the more accurate decision for your online business that can put a direct impact on your business sales. GroupBy software is a provider of e-commerce search and merchandising solutions. The company offers tools for search, navigation, merchandising, search engine optimization (SEO), and search as you type (SAYT). GroupBy software serves customers in the United States and Canada.

Here are some ways to use online shopping analytics for e-commerce:

Stay honest in your sales copy:

“Online payment will continue to play an ever-growing and significant role in the development of e-commerce as well as the stimulation of consumer demand,” said Lucy Peng, a Chinese billionaire businesswoman. She is one of the founders of the e-commerce company Alibaba Group. As of March 2017, Peng was one of 21 self-made women billionaires in China.

The more clear and honest sales report of your business you provide, the better growth and business reputation you will receive at the end. Make sure to not provide fake reports about your business sales because in recent times customers have become well aware of different marketing strategies. That’s why it is necessary to provide an honest sales report, many businesses show the sales report on their homepage to attract more customers. Staying honest in your business will help you gain new and trustworthy customers to your business.

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Get more ad clicks with ad extension:

Well, right now every e-commerce platform offers ad extension on their site. Also, you can take the help of other tools like Adwords and Bing that will allow you to post your ad on your website. The best thing about this is it does not cost any extra charges and you will be able to place your ad on your website without any problem. This will help you to increase the click-through rate of your ads.

Show off customer testimonials and trust signals:

Having true customer feedback on your business site will allow new customers to gain trust with your business and they will bring more new customers. Well, if you are able to keep your customers satisfied and happy with your products and services then request them to provide positive feedback about the business. Their valuable feedback will help your business to gain a better reputation in the market and it will help to attract new customers to the business.

Offer fewer choices:

One of the common mistakes that many businesses does is to offer many options to their customers to choose from. To understand this, just start thinking about if you provide different options for every product then it will make the customers confused about what to buy and many time they will leave the store without buying any product. This can impact your sales, so make sure to provide limited options to your customers.