The evolution of marketing tactics has led to increased personalisation and engagement with customers, creating enriching experiences and narratives easily connected with specific brands.

Account based marketing is an approach where you can personalise and cater your marketing strategy for each client. For example, when it comes to email campaigns, you do not want to create generic messages that won’t engage or excite your customers at all. Instead, you want personalised messages that appeal to each receiver.

Creation of Intriguing Content

Before beginning your email marketing campaigns, it’s necessary to understand the audience you will be targeting through your emails. In addition, you need to know their demographic information such as age, job, and other preferences to cater your content to be better suited.

Creating attractive and intriguing subject lines will attract your audience to click on the email, but what retains them keeps them reading is the content you produce. Therefore, the content needs to be focused, captivating, and enticing enough to lead to conversions.

Personalise Each Email

When you make each email seem like it’s personally catered to a customer, they will not only think highly of your customer management skills. They will also feel special and know you are aware of their background.

You can do this using simple tactics such as addressing each email by the recipient’s name, writing about their issues and problems, etc.

Choose Enriching Media with Your Content

While using images, banners, and other media can be a great way to interrupt chunks of content and retain your customer’s attention towards the email, it can also overload servers.

Image-heavy emails can also be recognised as spam by specific email servers, so be mindful about the placement and the number of graphics you choose to include in your emails.

Use Technology Tools to Aid Email Campaigns

Using market automation tools, especially those with AI incorporated into them, will make email campaign analysis a breeze for your firm. Plug-ins can let you know who has read through your email and optimal times for your emails to be sent.

It also gives you an insight into the engagement achieved from your email campaigns on different days and times. For example, special occasions and holidays may help you get higher engagement, while generic messaging may lose the interest of your audience.

Design Emails to Impress and Retain Your Customers

Email marketing is one of the many components that end up making your Account-based marketing strategy. Hence, you also have to consider the different factors involved on your recipient’s end when opening your email.

Many individuals today use their portable devices like smartphones to open emails. Therefore, you have to design your emails keeping in mind that it has to look aesthetically pleasing while delivering the right content through any device.

Continual verification of email addresses ensures that your emails reach the right demographic and do not get lost in a sea of meaningless spam messages to uninterested customers, which is imperative.

When formulating your next email marketing campaign, keep these factors in mind to garner higher engagement and conversions from the campaign. In addition to these, it may be worth considering cross-channel engagement to make sure your audience is getting consistent messaging on your brand while on different platforms.