Do you have broken items at your home and they are giving you sleepless nights and you need to fix them? Did you try the regular super glue? What about the Bondic glue? If you have never used the Bondic glue, it may not work properly to have your items fixed. Therefore, you need to have the right knowledge on how to use the Bondic glue.

This discussion will help you discover how to use Bondic glue easily. The information herein will also help you discover how you can use Bondic as a filler. Further, we shall enlighten you about other things that you can do with Bondic glue. keep posted to learn more.

How to Use Bondic Glue

You need to understand the right procedure that you should follow when fixing your item to avoid any wastage. This is because bondic glue does not work exactly like normal glue. It is specially formulated to work with the help of UV light. Below is a step-to-step guide on how to use Bondic glue.


The very essential first step is sanding. Experts recommend that you clean the surfaces thoroughly and then use sandpaper to rub across the surfaces. Once you finish sanding, blow off any shavings. However, sometimes you can skip this step if you intend to create a temporal bond.

Applying the adhesive

Bondic glue comes with an adhesive in a small bottle. This parking allows you to easily apply the right amount of Bondic without having to waste any. In some cases, you may only require a very little amount to ensure you apply to the spots that the UV light can hit. When you want to fix two objects, it is recommended that you apply adhesive to either of them.

Pointing light 

At this stage, you are now ready to cure your Bondic. You should hold your UV light source in one hand and carefully point the beam directly towards the adhesive. You should hold the UV light for about four seconds facing the direction of the adhesive. However, if you did apply the adhesive on a larger part, you can move your hand around to reach it all. 


Since Bondic is known to form strong and sturdy bonds, you should repeat these steps depending on the bond you want. A strong bond requires you to repeat it to form several thin layers of adhesive. These layers form the strongest bonds unlike applying a thick layer at once. Ensure your adhesive should cure before you repeat the steps for another layer.

Use It as A Filler

Yes it can.  It’s hard consistency and clarity features make it the most favorable for this work. When using it as filler, you should clean the item and sand it first.

Give your item a rough texture by use of fine-grit sandpaper. The rough texture is ideal because it allows the adhesive cure on it. If the adhesive works with your material put a little Bondic and point the UV light for it to dry.

The next step is very important because you are now able to customize the Bondic according to how you want. Point the UV beam for a second to cure the Bondic partially. Molding is now easy when the Bondic is still soft, this gives you room to make it to your desired shape and size.

Sometimes you can use it as a traditional filler but remember to allow the adhesive to dry completely while adding small amounts. After it completely cures, remove any excess adhesive using another sandpaper.

How to Use Bondic With Colored Powders

Consequently, Bondic is used with colored powders. But do you know how this is done? Let’s learn a few tips below.

Ensure you get a small paper cup. Put a small amount of adhesive to it.

Add some little amount of colored powder to the paper cup. Here you are at liberty to continue adding the powder up to where your desired color is.

However, it is important to note that after it cures, it comes slightly darker compared to when it is wet. The final tip is that you should match and mix with different shades to create your custom colors. 

What Can You Do with Bondic?

There are various things that you can do with Bondic. Let’s learn some of them have known how you can use them properly.

Bondic can enable you to remove a tight screw or that one that is rusted. This is possible because we should just apply some adhesive and allow it to cure to fill in the area. After it dries fully, the screw comes out easily. Therefore, the is ideal for repairing damaged electronics and forming new threads

Consequently, Bondic helps to add insulation to wires, it is used to repair minor leaks and reduces strain on an item. Another way you can use Bondic is to form a connection between two separate items. Bondic is also used to create a bond in places that the traditional glue cannot work. Moreover, you can use Bondic to replace the damaged piece of plastic.


The need to use Bondic glue is increasingly going high because of its ability to offer multiple functions. However, you need to understand how to use Bondic glue correctly so that you don’t end up doing the wrong thing.

This article has extensively covered how you can use your Bondic glue by yourself. Interestingly the process is purely a DIY. Ensure you learn all the tips provided above and you are good to go. Those who had doubts about the ease of use, can now walk confidently and buy their Bondic glue and use it. It can save you the money that you may spend to replace those items.