Feng Shui is a Chinese practice that has been practiced for centuries. In fact, Feng Shui can be traced back to the 3rd century B.C! And now the western world is taking part in this ritual and implementing it into their daily lives.

So much so, that the practice has shifted and grown. And now users are using black obsidian in Feng Shui, to optimize the healing powers. So if you also want to learn how you can use this healing crystal with Feng Shui, then keep reading!

What Is Black Obsidian?

If you go to a black obsidian store, they will tell you that the rock comes from volcanoes. More specifically, the volcanic lava that cools down becomes black obsidian.

But how does this correlate with Feng Shui, you may ask? For starters, the color itself is heavily connected to most water elements. And if you’re not familiar, water can represent fluidity, depth, peace, and wisdom.

Therefore, if you’re needing these characteristics in your life, then using black obsidian can help create that oasis.

Entry Ways 

When discussing black obsidian tips, we must talk about the protective powers this rock holds. Black obsidian can ward off evil. So having this rock in your main entrance can help encourage good energy and people. 

Doing so can also create better opportunities and bring your home more pieces! Lastly, when looking at a black obsidian guide, you may be tempted to place your black obsidian on your front doorstep.

However, it’s more beneficial to place this black rock inside of your home by the door. This way, your home will also get the healing powers of this rock. 


A kitchen is the lifeline of your home and your body. This area is where you nourish yourself and others.

Therefore, by placing your black obsidian in this area, you will encourage safety over your food. And you will also encourage positive nourishment and health.

Lastly, placing black obsidian in your kitchen will also protect your resources. So if you’re worried about scarcity, then black obsidian will help with that.


Many people opt to put their black obsidian in their rooms, because it’s where they spend the most time. Also, your room is where you are most vulnerable and where you replenish yourself.  

The benefits of black obsidian in your room will encourage rest, personal growth, and protection! And to optimize its healing powers, you can place a stone on each corner of your bed or bedroom. Doing so will create a “protective grid” and will ensure healing.


Last but not least, when using black obsidian in Feng Shui, try optimizing your workspace. By placing black obsidian on your desk, it can help encourage protection, concentration, and power. So if you struggle with attention deficiencies, try black obsidian first.

Optimize Your Living Areas with Black Obsidian Today

Black obsidian is very beneficial and can be a life-changer when used properly. So remember to follow these black obsidian tips when trying out new Feng Shui in your home.

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