Not only is amethyst a stunning gemstone to look at, but it’s also becoming increasingly popular as a holistic remedy due to the healing qualities it possesses. Due to its popularity, amethyst is now sold on the internet widely. You can also get one for yourself from an online gemstone retailer like Nacrystal. offers raw amethyst stone, tumbling amethyst, amethyst jewelry, amethyst birthstone, chevron amethyst, etc. You may buy bulk amethyst at

Learn how to use amethyst in your home and on your body with these 7 different applications, and you’ll soon realize how useful this beautiful mineral can be.

Here is the information that you require.

1. Encourage a calm workplace

Adding amethyst to your workplace can help alleviate feelings of stress.

To help you focus on your work and get it done perfectly the first time, it may help you slow down.

2. Get a better night’s rest

Many amethyst devotees have informed me they sleep better with the stone next to their pillow or bed.

Amethyst has been shown to have a calming effect on the psyche, and some claim to have better dreams when it is nearby.

3. Use it when meditating

Using amethyst in this fashion is one of my favorites. Keep a piece of amethyst accessible for holding if you prefer to take breaks for meditation during the day.

Using amethyst may help you cleanse your thoughts and open yourself up to the meditation practice. Keep the stone close if you use that space for yoga or meditation.

4. Give to stress sufferers.

Gifting amethyst is an excellent idea. Amethyst can bring calm and healing to the life of a friend or family member who seeks your advice frequently.

5. Use these as inspiration

Amethysts are excellent for discovering inspiration since they aid in gaining clarity and inner serenity.

Amethyst is a stone that can help you re-ignite your creative juices when you’ve run out of ideas.

6. Wear them to beat negativity

The amethyst gemstone is being worn by many people as a strategy to counteract negativity. If negativity appears to follow you around and drag you down, try carrying an amethyst in your pocket or adding it to your accessories.

7. Use moon/cold to “charge” amethyst.

Taking care of and replenishing oneself is something the cosmos is adept at doing.

Those who work with amethyst frequently recommend that you keep your stone out in the evening so that it can absorb the lunar energy.

Others choose to store theirs in the refrigerator, believing that it will also provide the stone with the necessary fuel.

Where on the Body Should Amethyst Be Placed?

Purple amethyst can be used in a variety of ways, as detailed above. For those who are looking for ideas on where they can wear purple amethyst, here are a few suggestions.

  • On the top of the head to promote calm and inspiration.
  • For everyday inspiration and peace in your pocket. Take a purple amethyst with you and you’ll be set.
  • On the palm of your hand or in your palm, this will assist you to get clarity.
  • On the chest or in the palms to aid in a restful night’s rest.

It has been fun to experiment with these methods and harness the power of the Earth to keep me going. Because of the raw cut stones’ serene beauty, even looking at them can bring a burst of positive energy and peace.