For IG promotion, all means are good – advertising, promotion through bloggers, and giveaways. But you may be missing out on a freeway to get followers that only requires a little research. Yes, searching for a tag Instagram in the application is very inconvenient and takes a lot of time. Plus, they can’t just be copied.

Therefore, an experienced SMM specialist will use a tag generator. This is a tool that helps you to copy the top tags from the IG base. That is, the creators of such services download the tag database directly from the application and make it convenient for you – you can set up a search for keywords, phrases, tags that are neatly sorted and can be copied. The fastest and most convenient is the automatic selection of tags based on the picture. In this case, you will only need a visual, and the smart tool will suggest tags.

Also, for promotion, in addition to tags, experts advise setting up an IG bot. It seems to be something illegal but it’s okay to use with a VPN. But in fact, the bot works as your assistant – that is, it simply likes the assigned content. You can use research tags to target your bot. That is, based on a set of tags, the bot will understand which accounts to interact with. This will accelerate the growth of any ad-free account – organically. YOU can attract up to 1000 new subscribers per week – you will agree that the figure is not bad.

Let’s see how it works.

Hashtag generator free & fast growth tool

When you start looking for top tag generators, you may have a lot of options in front of you. New services appear regularly and they will differ in functions. Some tools will be free, but may have simplified functionality. Paid services will have more features and are prioritized for professional use.

For example, in a free service, you may have a limited tag database – that is, the service will not regularly parse fresh tags from IG. And this is very important for the current database and knowledge of trends.

Also, search criteria and free services are usually weak. For example, you can enter one keyword and will only be offered words with the same root in the tags results. Whereas good tags can be synonymous with the word being entered. That is, the results will not be entirely relevant.

The widest database of tags and smart search are a must for proven services, such as Inflact, Toolzu, Bigbangram – those that are higher in the search results.

How to work with tags professionally?

  • Keywords. Your content can include many topics and narrow niches. For example, if you sell sneakers, you can post about workouts, running, or fashion. This must be taken into account when selecting tags.

Important: When collecting keywords, think about what words your client would use to find you. After all, this is the main purpose of a good tag – to bring you a relevant follower who will become a client.

  • Make up several groups of such words. As a starting point, you can use SEO queries, niche words, keywords from forums, competitor tags, keywords from target customer profiles.
  • Test tag groups. When you generate tags for different keyword categories, you can combine them. For example, you might have groups like this:
  • Product related tags
  • Brand tags
  • Local tags
  • Lifestyle tags
  • Tags for top events in your field
  • Mix tags from different groups and be sure to watch how the statistics change. In the IG analytics, you can see under each post how many people reached from hashtags. This will allow you to identify the most successful combinations.

As a result, you will see how the audience coverage increases by 3 or even 5 times. It depends on the success of the set. Do not repeat the same sets, even if they are very successful. The algorithm doesn’t favor this and may begin to doubt the relevance of your content.