Are you an owner of inground swimming pools in Atlanta, GA? Then, this ultimate guide is for you. Follow the maintenance tips mentioned in this article to keep your luxury pool in the best condition for a long time.

Opening and Closing of the Pool

Most of the pool experts suggest you open the pool when the temperature is above 70°F during the daytime. By doing this, you will see a great reduction in the growth of algae and pollen in the pool. The process of opening the pool is quite easy, just follow these steps and you are good to go:

  • Take-off the pool cover
  • Start the pump and filter system
  • Clean the pool using a vacuum
  • Add the chemicals to maintain the water balance

If it seems too much work for you, hire professional swimming pool contractors in Atlanta to do the job for you. On contrary, the pool should be closed before the temperature is consistently below 30°F in the nighttime. The process for closing the pool goes as follows:

  • Clean the pool & balance the water level
  • Vacuum the bottom of the pool
  • Give the pool at least 24 hours to filter out all the chemicals
  • Lower the water level and remove the plug on the filter system
  • Remove any ladders/handrails
  • Cover the pool

Now, you can do this yourself or hire a professional like Sandals Luxury Pools for the job.

Regularly Clean Pool Filter

Generally, there are three types of pool filters that you can find including,

  • Sand filter
  • Diatomaceous filter
  • Cartridge filter

Each type has different cleaning techniques, but all of them require regular cleaning depending upon the use of the pool. Keep in mind that cleaning the pool more often than required can damage the function of the filter, whereas, a little bit of dirt helps protect the pool from external particles.

But how can you tell it’s the right time to clean the filter, without it being too dirty? When you see an increase in the flow of the pressure gauge and flow meter and the difference reaches 10-15 pounds, it is time for you to clean your luxury pool.

Make Skimming & Vacuuming a Habit

Skimming the pool every day is the most convenient way to keep the pool clean. If you delay the time to clean the pool, it will be difficult to take out the debris later on. Skimming not only helps in cleaning the pool but also improves the circulation system. Furthermore, cleaning the dirt baskets once a week helps in reducing the chlorine demand.

As suggested by many Atlanta pool builders, vacuuming should also be made a weekly ritual if you want the pool to last. These maintenance steps help a great deal in reducing the cost for the long-term. They will reduce the chemical requirements, and also vacuuming the pool walls reduces the chance of stubborn algae build-up.

If you own an inground pool in Georgia, these will help to keep the pool in the best condition for years before you need any serious professional repair.

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