Most people know that you need a vacation from your vacation. If you travel from west to east, you lose time. Therefore, you experience jet lag. Thus, you need at least one day to recover from it.

Business travel adds a layer to the recovery, especially if you were away for an extended period. 

The expectations of travel for your company are large. As a representative for them and yourself, you must remain professional, organized, and on your toes.

Let’s look at a brief guide on how to unwind after a lengthy business trip.

1. Give Yourself a Day

Veteran business travelers know how to schedule their trips to optimize their recovery time. For example, they schedule their return for Friday or Saturday. They receive at least Sunday as a recovery day and miss no time in the office.

In addition, optimize the time you fly back home. If you schedule an evening or red-eye flight, you can sleep. If you receive a daytime flight, you can work on your expense reports.

Nonetheless, squeeze in a day that allows you time to unwind after long travels for your company.

2. Unpack

Although you give yourself a day to recover from your travels, avoid procrastinating. You can take a nap or fall asleep better knowing that you have nothing immediate and important left on your plate.

When you unpack, you can double-check that you didn’t leave any belongings behind. It’s better to find out sooner or later if you forgot your extra charger, toothbrush, or watch at the hotel.

If you did, call them. The cleaning crew has most likely cleaned your room by now. Therefore, they found the items and handed them over to the front desk. When you call, if they start using hotel terms, decipher them with this guide from Hotel Engine.

3. Drink Water

Traveling is a dehydrating activity, especially if you fly. To start feeling like yourself again, drink water. 

The sports world believes that the proper amount of water to drink daily is half your weight in ounces. Drink that much and a little more.

4. Have a Good Meal

Next, have a good meal. If you’re worn out from traveling, even by car, have food delivered to you. Those who live in an urban setting can visit a nearby eatery, but take it to go.

The temptation is to grab a fast food meal that satisfies a craving for grease, fried, or salty foods. Instead, opt for something healthier. A meal with carbs helps you recover from jet lag and sleep better. So consider picking up food that has rice or noodles and a side of protein such as chicken or fish.

For something sweet, have a banana and yogurt.

5. Get a Micro Workout 

You might feel tired when you return. Getting in a workout might not sound appealing. However, consider exercising your body. Fatigue from travel differs from workout tiredness. 

Exercise releases endorphins. They can help battle travel fatigue. You don’t need to go all-in on a boot camp workout. Engaging in yoga or meditation is enough.

6. Enjoy a Long Shower or Bath

Now that you unpacked, had a meal, and exercised, you’re ready to wash off your trip. 

Soak in a warm bath or enjoy a soothing shower. Your goal is to relax and to wash off the remnants of recycled air. If you travel by car or train, aim to wash off the oils you accumulate on your person.

After your cleansing, slip into comfy pajamas. Hopefully, your bedding is comfy too. A plush comforter helps you cocoon yourself after a relaxing bath or shower.

7. Sleep

Finally, it’s time to sleep. It’s OK to sleep longer than eight hours. By now, you should have worn yourself out enough to sleep soundly. Plus, you have nothing pressing pending.

To maximize sleep, set the thermostat at a comfortable level, especially if it’s summer or winter.

Sleep is the best way to recover and unwind.


\Business travel is exciting. It signals that you have a meaningful place at your company. However, expectations for your performance are higher than others. After a lengthy trip, give yourself 24 hours to unwind. Avoid procrastinating so you can sleep more soundly.